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Creating A Local Business Essay

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Creating A Business

When thinking about Kingsville and all it has to offer it is easy to see it’s a primary target area for sportsmen. Twenty miles south is Baffin Bay Hallowed waters for trophy trout and redfish. Three of the past four state record speckled trout came out of Baffin Bay’s hyper saline waters. Making it a bucket-list destination for sport fisherman around the world. Kingsville is also home to the most famous hunting ranch in the world, The King Ranch. These two outdoorsman paradises make Kingsville a year-around attraction for everyone from hard-earned dignitaries to blue collar families spending their hard-earned vacation time. There is one thing Kingsville does not have to support this year-round attraction; an outdoor super store to supply all the necessities one may need to enjoy their hunting and ...view middle of the document...

They could also sell snacks, drinks, and ice.
When it comes to the staff they could hire college students who are dedicating their education to wildlife or retired guides who have spent their entire career hunting and fishing in Kingsville. They also could hire those who know about mechanics so that when the local guides need work on ATV’s or boat repair they could take them into the store to get worked on instead of having to travel out of town.
When considering a location for the outdoor store locating it on Hwy 77 on an access road such as behind Chili’s would be a great spot. Not only is this a major highway and has constant traffic, but also it gives easy access to hunters and fisherman traveling to their destination. Not only does locating it on the Hwy give easy access to travelers but it also gives great access to the local guides whether they are located in Kingsville, Bishop, or the Riviera. As of now all of the local guides have to travel to Corpus Christi to get all of their hunting or fishing supplies before their guided trips.
The store could also promote itself by holding yearly hunting and fishing tournaments to get customers into the store, such as hunting contests in the fall and fishing tournaments in the spring and summer. They could also sponsor local guides giving the guides a discount for wearing the store gear or placing stickers on their boats/trucks and making sure they send their customers/clients to them.
With all the multi-million dollar hunting camps and everyday sportsmen within a 70-mile radius it is amazing to think that a store like this does not already exist. With the right location and the right products this could be an extremely profitable business if ran the correct way. So ultimately, whether you are a local, guide, or traveler a store where you can buy all the necessities for your hunting and fishing needs in Kingsville not only makes sense but would be extremely beneficial to all.

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