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Creating A Collaborative Work Environment Essay

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When it comes to creating a work environment, a true leader must take into consideration several factors with one of them being collaboration. Collaboration involves having a common purpose and goal within the work environment. Another fundamental to consider when creating a work environment is that trust must be developed between the management and the working side of any corporation or company. If the management does not develop trust, there will not be a thriving work environment. Communication is also a must. An employee must have clear duties and expectations within their work place. How can one collaborate if communication is tainted and work assignments are vague? One answer: ...view middle of the document...

That’s why mottoes and other slogans exist within corporate environments and work companies. An example of this would include the movie Monster’s Inc in which the companies the main characters work at say the statement “We scare because we Care”; within teamwork comes trust.
Another essential aspect of collaborative teamwork is to develop trust among the employees. One of the best policies that anyone can have is to be able to have mutual honesty. However, there will always be a conflict of interest in any work place. The important thing to remember is to be able to compromise and deal with the conflicts of interest and see what works well for all parties. As with anything, all associates have to make sacrifices in order to succeed within a team. It is never good to gossip about another team member. If the co-worker or employer were to begin gossip, then trouble can brew. With this point established, socializing outside the work place with the co-workers can help to improve teamwork. Establishing social outings can often help break down the walls of mistrust, encourage team members to communicate effectively, and lower stress in the long run.
With trust established among a work group, it is important to communicate effectively. Make sure not to over-communicate with the team about certain topics. Another factor to consider with open communication is the ability to be empathetic. Empathy consists of being able to consider all perspectives of the situation and be able to put himself/herself in the other person’s position. With this ability, it definitely simplifies the process of being able to clear up misunderstandings as well as solving conflicts.
Methods that managers can implement to encourage open communication can include, but are not limited to such things as giving written and verbal communication to the team telling them that they are doing a wonderful job. Most teams thrive off of positive reinforcement and will motivate them to work harder. Even if the work group does a poor job at a certain task, they should not receive any negative comments, but ways that the team can improve. This will still provide encouragement for the future collaboration of the said team. A manager could also schedule activities such as taking a 10 minute timeout for each team to discuss something positive that has happened within the last week or month. This can assist in creating collaboration within the work place and will give the other team members more to know about one another.
In order to have collaboration, one must develop team spirit. According to , some methods of creating team spirit include assuring everyone that they are an important member of the team. As a leader, it is essential to assure the employees that they are also parts of the team. They can always do certain things such as stretching exercises each day before beginning a work day and have it led by different people. ...

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