Create A Speech On "Looking For Alibrandi" Which Involves Two Themes Relating To Changing Perspectives And Two Techniques Used In The Film

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"Looking for Alibrandi" is a film which develops the notion of changing perspective through focusing on the central character Josie’s search for identity and belonging in the world and her relationships with other characters. Moreover, the use of music and camera shots is applied to certain scenes to emphasize Josie’s attitude and feelings.The use of voice over is applied throughout the film by the main character Josie Alibrandi as it constantly reveals personal ideas and impressions from Josie’s point of view. During her final year of High school, her life is turned upside down. However, as she matures from being a very rebellious ...view middle of the document...

Italian music is applied to this scene to represent there Italian culture and to allow the audience to gain some knowledge and understanding about their traditions and customs. Also, fast paced music is taken over towards the end of the scene to indicate the way she feels rushed and embarrassed about her culture.A key event in the film that changes Josie’s perspective is the meeting of her father, Michael Andretti. Initially, Josie is hostile to her father and unsympathetic to his explanations. However, as certain events unfold, Josie begins to admire him and sentimental piano music is plays to convey the positive attitude she had towards the idea of having a father figure.Michael Andretti also faces a similar change in perspective of his daughter and his own perspective on fatherhood.Furthermore, another change in perspective is identity. Primarily, Josie believes due to her ethnic background, she was looked down upon. However, the experience of a close friend’s death causes her to realize the importance of family and that others have it much worse than her.In relation to John Barton’s death, a close up of Josie’s face is captured to display her devastated yet numb expression along with harmonious tunes to mirror Josie’s grief.In conclusion, as demonstrated in "Looking for Alibrandi", changing perspectives is an ongoing process in life and is can be both positive and negative. Without this process in life, a person cannot adapt to new situations and present themselves in life.

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