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Crap Essay

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a Journey Is Not Where You Go, but What Occurs along the Way"

Summary: The importance of the journeying process was explored and exposed by Peter Skrzynecki and a variety of other composers. Skrzynecki, using the powerful textual vehicle of poetry explores the importance of the journeying process and its various outcomes, a journey often results in the confused and mixed emotions of the traveller and this was reflected within Skrzynecki's poems, "Crossing the Red Sea" and "A Drive in the Country."


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..." The importance of the journeying process, ...view middle of the document...

The poem focuses upon the plight of Polish migrants fleeing war-torn Europe during after World War Two, and explores the upheaval and dislocation associated with the journeying process. Skrzynecki uses various poetic, textual features to illustrate the importance of the journeying process and its effect upon travellers, such as his use of exact dates and times. "1949, the war/ Now four years dead", this provides a context and setting for the journey process. Skrzynecki attempts to explore the deep emotional impact and importance of the journeying process by providing an honest depiction of the migration. Skrzynecki juxtaposes and contrasts the physical journey and the physical appearance of the migrants to explore the challenges undertaken along the way. "Voices left their caves/ Silence fell from shackles/ Memories strayed/ From behind sunken eyes." The difficulty of the arduous physical journey process being undertaken is paralleled by skzynecki to the plight of slave-bound Israelites. Crossing the Red Sea for Israelites is one of the most powerful...

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