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Cracked Up To Be Essay

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Cracked Up to Be Reader’s Report
Parker Fadley used to be perfect. She used to have perfect looks, perfect boyfriend, perfect grades, and a perfect life. She was the head cheerleader, she was popular, and she had it all. And then, something changed, Parker showed up in school drunk, failed her classes, broke up with her boyfriend, quit the cheerleading squad, neglected her appearance, estranged her friends–anything she could do to ruin her life, she did. She became self-destructive and hated and is now in danger of not graduating. People are demanding the truth, but she will never give it to them, why and what is eating her? In the book Cracked Up to Be, author Courtney Summers follows the ...view middle of the document...

Parker is a very well-developed character. You can see Parker’s downward spiral, her uncaring attitude and the way she lies to herself, and even as so many awful things happen, you will laugh at Parker’s wry, witty observations. You will laugh, and then you will want to cry, because this book is sometimes heartbreaking.
The antagonist is also in an interesting position. Becky used to be Parker’s underling-one of her good friends. Now she is taking over Parker’s position on the cheerleading squad, and dating the most popular guy in the school; Parker’s ex-boyfriend, ever since Parker started to turn away from everything and everyone. Becky is still unsatisfied. She keeps on getting Parker into trouble because she thinks the way Parker reacts these days is just a plea for attention, but all Parker wants is to be left alone. What is still interesting is that the way Becky talks and reacts doesn’t make her seem as bad. She is a good girl that might still cares for Parker, but sometimes jealousy and how her boyfriend is still not over Parker can easily give Becky reasons to be against Parker. Not all of Becky’s reaction makes sense, which made her seems realistic, but she is there to ruin the moments, which is the antagonist’s job.
The plot in this novel is clearly stated according to Aristotle’s Unities. After a few pages of introduction, it drives you directly into a question you would have in your mind. As the story goes on, the question goes into all kinds of details. The most interesting thing is how Summer mixes present with mysterious flashbacks that tells bit by bit the secret Parker was trying to hide from, which is the question the reader wonders. Summers...

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