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Cr Research Essay

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Jennifer Finn
ITT 221
Research Assignment #1
Why does Windows Server 2008 come in different versions? What is the significance of each version?
Window Server 2008 offers different versions to meet the various needs of its consumers. There are currently five editions available including Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, Web Server and Itanium-based Systems, each of which are detailed below. Please note:
* Windows Server Standard Edition is a full network server meant for small to medium sized businesses and is available in Server Core.
* Windows Server Enterprise Edition is a full network server for larger organizations. The Enterprise edition has the same features as the standard ...view middle of the document...

Windows Server 2008 also comes with PowerShell which allows for a more powerful ability to configure and control the operating system without using a GUI.
Why is the 64-bit architecture an advantage?
64 Bit architecture is an advantage for many reasons. The architecture’s overall memory, the amount of CPU’s the server can hold as well as improved bus speed are all benefits. A 64-bit is also an advantage because it is more secure, offers better scalability and lowers the cost of ownership.

Jennifer Finn
Page 2
Explain the new features of Windows Server 2008, such as Server Core, Virtualization, and PowerShell. What is the role of these features and how will they improve efficiency in administering Windows?
The Server Core is the Windows Server 2008 without a GUI or any other unnecessary features. Having this will requires less disk space and maintenance.
The Windows Server 2008 Virtualization and Hyper V is only available to work on 64-bit versions. The virtualization allows a machine to run several virtual servers at one time which reduces hardware costs....

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