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Cp Green Project Essay

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Project selection and integration management
Since there were 3 short-list projects can be implemented. We need to compare them and choose one for implementation.
First, we will list some criteria for chosen the project to implement.
1. Support key business objectives.
As for this, we need the project can present an information which contain the environmental protection information to the customers and community. These environmental protection information or Green information must contain some activities like Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. The majority business objective in this topic is to create a Green image for the airline. So the project should be strong in this criterion.
2. Has ...view middle of the document...

If we found that the project can reduce the wastes of resources, than we should choose that project.
7. High transparency.
For example, we can choose project 3 to ask the customer support the project donate money. But some customer may think this activity is just give money to Cathay. So we the project must give a clear transparency to state the use of all income.
8. The positive effective to environment.
This criterion is about the effect to the environment protection. This is related with Cathy’s Green image. If the project can give good environment protection will give a better Green image to Cathay.
9. Has low risk in meeting scope, time, and cost goals.
As to manage a project, the efficiency is very important. We need to assume the project can finish on time and use less resource.
In project management, we need to define the needs to implement a project. Then support the resources.
So, in this part, we will define the details of these projects for chosen.

Project 1
Use the commercial food scrap generators to transform the food waste into compost. The compost can then be given to the local roof-top farmers and other green bodies to replace their expensive imported soil from Germany.
1. As for compost, we need a place to let the food waste change to compost. And this place must give 1000 square meters capacity to put the food waste.
2. The transport costs for transfer the food waste to the place to compost.
3. We need to find the customer to get the compost; we think the compost should sell as a cost price to the customers like local farmer. Then they don’t need to buy the expensive imported soil from Germany. This would be a serious point, since we want to create a green image for Cathay Pacific. So we can’t make any profit by project1. If we sell the compost as a cost price will be accept by the society.
4. The real effect of the compost. If the produced compost haven’t good effect for plant. Than the green image will be weak in this project.
5. Assume we can give some compost to the school for education and activities. Of course, it is free.
Some schools support some farm activities inside school, like Kowloon Technical school, they have a small garden for the students’ activities. We can give some of the compost to them, and then this activity will increase our Green image. When the student using the compost, they will learn information of communication protection.
6. Assume there is some Co2 pollute given out when transfer the food waste and compost.
So there is a problem, when we doing this project, we are reducing the food waste, but we are letting the greenhouse gas. This problem will have a chance make a conflict with the main business objective.

Project 2
Use the GOMIXER technology to transform the food waste into liquid and dispose to the sewage.
This project is similar to project 1, but this project using new technology replaces the nature process of compost. This technology using a machine increases...

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