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Cowboys And Indians Essay

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Cowboys and Indians

In the beginning the short story takes place at a funeral where the narrator’s grandmother, Ellen, is about to be buried. Afterwards the narrator goes to her grandmother’s house where she later meets her cousin, David, and decides to take a ride on his motorbike to find bar nearby to get a drink. David is adopted by the narrator’s uncle and has therefore made up a story about him being related to outlaws. After getting a drink they decide to go see the sunset, where they talk about their grandmother’s life, and suddenly David starts to think of his life and how he wants to get away from where he lives. They get hungry and find a nearby take out stand by the ...view middle of the document...

We see can see that she is aware of having 2 personalities in the following sentences: “Why is it that I can do this, switch gears, when David cannot? I will recount memories of my grandmother to drunken mourners, throw out paper plates, make polite conversation, and clean coffee cops while David rides through the desert with devil spirits at his boot heels”

Similarities between the narrator and David:
In the beginning it doesn’t seem like they have a lot in common, but the further we go into the story the more it seems like they actually have the same point of view, and in the end we discover that they do in fact have a lot in common. They are different both very different compared to the rest of the family. They are both described as black sheep of the family. They were both scorned by their own grandfather when he still was alive. They both feel bored around people who are acting “normal” and they feel a bit uncomfortable around these “normal” people. When they are together everything is different and they actually don’t have to pretend to be something they´re not and they feel more relaxed. David is feeling...

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