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am delighted to see that the Human Rights Watch (HRW) is looking for a Europe and Central Asia Advocate. I am a Human Rights advocate with in-depth expertise on the rights of migrants and asylum-seekers in the EU. I have 5 years of the EU Justice and Home Affairs issues related research practice and 10 years of project management experience within Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Europe and the Global South.

I am applying for this position as I am firmly committed to contribute my skills to pursuit the mission of Human Rights Watch. I aspire to advance human rights-based policies in Europe and Central Asia via evidence-based advocacy initiatives, an awareness-raising about human ...view middle of the document...

My responsibilities included designing advocacy strategies, research, communications and project management.

I am skilled in drafting high profile documents, such as the Conclusions of the European Regional Consultations with Civil Society of the UN High Level Dialogue on Global Migration and Development. In this event I designed and delivered a thematic workshop on migration governance in the EU on behalf of the RESPECT Network.

Recently I have benefited from the Blue Book traineeship at the European Economic and Social Committee which is defined as a 'bridge' between CSOs and EU institutions. Here I have deepened my understanding about functioning of the EU institutions and possibilities for civil society to intervene in the EU policy-making.

I have expanded my professional network for more influential advocacy initiatives at EU level by attending a number of events organized by ENAR, PICUM, Social Platform, European trade unions and think-tanks. I took part in meetings initiated by the EU institutions, where I liaised with the various...

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