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Cover Essay

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Gather information and take each file from pre-approval to closing. Input proper loan information into the system for processing
. Responsible for ensuring that all loan documentation is complete accurate verified and complies with company policy. Verify loan documents including income credit appraisal and title insurance ultimately preparing application for submittal to underwriting. Review file documentation and make sure all items needed are requested. Order and coordinate loan documents. Meet crucial deadlines ...view middle of the document...

Generally mortgage loan processing could take place within five to twenty days from the date of application of the mortgage loan.

The person who does the mortgage loan processing is known as a mortgage loan processor.

Mortgage loan processor is a person who actually does the mortgage processing activities.

The mortgage loan processor does the job of reviewing the credit reports of the mortgage buyer along with verifying the borrower's credit history in terms of debts and payments. In case he finds a bad credit history such as late payments, bankruptcy etc he sends a notification to the borrower requesting for a written application. In addition to this the mortgage processor also checks appraisal and property issues requiring further justifications.

In general the contract mortgage processor training checks and verifies the entire package as given by the lender.

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