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Court Management Essay

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Court Management

Court Management Executive Summary
University of phoenix
Team A
James Wheatley

Why does the American society have the court system? This summary will answer that question. This paper will also consist of the court purposes and responsibilities. What is the importance of strategic planning and vision as foundations of successful court management? Finally the impact of court consolidation and restructuring on the future of court processes.
The purposes of having courts are to help interpret the law and hold people accountable for committing a crime. “Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts should never be confused with efficiency or even the constitutional means of the separation of powers, judicial independence, and the inherent powers of the courts. Courts exist to do justice, ...view middle of the document...

(Emphasis added) The challenges of today's constantly changing legal, social, and technological environments are exacerbated by the increasingly competitive funding scene among branches of government. Thus, the judiciary must define, articulate, and communicate its corporate values and strategies, including its use of information technology, in serving the public and functioning successfully as a coequal branch of government. As C. C. Torbert, Jr., former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama said, "Now, more than ever, there is a need to erase once and for all the common picture of an American court as an institution rooted in the past, resistant to change, and resigned to inefficiency according to ("Strategic Planning For Court Technology", 1994).” Courts are in need for restructure here is one way toward that step. “Court consolidation is a form of restructuring wherein all state paid court personnel are blended into a single circuit court under the appointing authority of the Circuit Clerk. This court design differs greatly from the previous structure which consisted of a Circuit Court and one or more Associate Divisions. The Circuit Clerk serves as appointing authority for the Circuit Court and Associate Judges are the appointing authority for the Associate Divisions according to ("Institute For Court Management", 2000).”
In conclusion because criminals keep coming up with different way to commit crimes restructuring courts can only help courts get better. If criminals can change so should the courts. There must be something done to help control crime not let crime just happen.

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