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Court Issues Essay

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Court Issues and Victims Rights
August 11, 2014

Court Issues
When thinking about the title court administrator it may be easy for an individual to automatically assume paper; however, upon further review it is not. The court administrator is responsible for the day-to-day tasks that keep the courthouse operating properly. Court administrators must also have great management skills with the ability to lead and assign work to other staff members. Other functions that are part of the administrator's job includes Management of the jury, court finances, the collection of fines, the case flow management of all the different courts within the courthouse, and the management of records. ...view middle of the document...

Language barriers began with law enforcement because they are the individuals who make the arrest for crimes committed. Having issues with miss-interpretation in the courtroom may lead to how individuals receive testimonies; however, this is one reason it is critical for law enforcement and courtrooms to have individuals who can fluently understand other languages. Having the right to a fair trial is not only for individuals who speak English but for all who reside in the United States including those who do not speak English. This term also includes a number of rights intended to avoid too much authority by the State in criminal cases (Brown-Blake, 2006). The Constitution states that any defendant in a court of law may have an interpreter if needed to ensure a fair trial. In the case Negron vs. New York, there were issues in the case regarding language; however, the defendant was found guilty and did not have a fair trial because he did not fully understand. It was later ruled that the there was a lack translation throughout the case that hampered the defendant to respond accurately to specific questions.
The rise regarding diversity in the U.S. creates a variety of different languages and ethnicities. Within a courtroom environment, in cases where the defendant is unable to comprehend English, the court will make any attempt to obtain an interpreter who speaks and comprehends the particular language of the accused. As it is simpler to locate a Spanish interpreter in many jurisdictions, a number of courts find it difficult to locate interpreters for Swahili, ASL, or Ethiopian that happens to be used less frequently in many places in comparison to the Spanish language. A number of courts choose to carryout proceedings using a video screen for convenience reasons. As opposed to having an interpreter to show up in the courtroom, the court requests an interpretation supports on the telephone in addition to conferences these individuals on the video cases. The judge may advise the interpreter to translate for him or her, and the accused. Courts need to make sure defendants understand any charges individuals are up against so they can make knowledgeable judgments in regards to the case, which includes a lawyer, bail, and also entering a plea. The initial step to guarantee the accused comprehends is to guarantee the court process will be in the dialect the accused understands.
When examining the current issues the language barriers and availability of court-interpreters court administrators face it has been a successful process. The criminal justice system has gone as far as collecting demographic data to determine the different cultures and ethnic groups as well as offender data to help resolve this issue. Court administrators typically have pools of individuals who fluently speak English as well as the different languages of individuals who are in and out of the criminal justice system. Law enforcement agencies also assist with this issue by...

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