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Court Assignment

690 words - 3 pages



DUE: November 6th, 2013 (in class, hardcopy only)

This assignment can be done in groups of not more than 3 (or individually). If you are working in a group please hand in one assignment only. You may work with students in another one of MY sections if you wish. PLEASE INDICATE THE NAMES OF YOUR GROUP MEMBERS CLEARLY ON THE TITLE PAGE OF THE ASSIGNMENT AND SECTION NUMBERS FOR EACH GROUP MEMBER. LATE ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Attend the trial of your choice (civil or criminal) at the B.C. Supreme Court at the Law Courts at 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver for at least one hour and then answer the following questions in approximately ...view middle of the document...

The defendant will then be able to cross examine the plaintiff and his/her witnesses if the defendant so chooses. The defendant will then give an opening statement and will commence the direct examination of the defendant and the defendant’s witnesses. The plaintiff will then have the opportunity to cross examine the defendant’s witnesses. Both parties will then give closing arguments where they will provide the judge or judge and jury with the applicable law and how that law applies to the facts.)

You may only watch a small portion of any one of the stages of the trial – for best results on the assignment try to find a trial where witnesses are being examined.

4. Do you have any other observations or comments with respect to the trial that you watched?

Additional Information:

* The courthouse is a highly traditional, very formal environment which warrants a respectful, sensitive and serious attitude from the public
* Please enter and exit the courtroom as quietly as...

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