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This document is designed as an introduction to thinking ethically. This provide not only the basis definition of Ethics, but also how to approach and apply it on the real life.

Question 1
Some people said that:
“Ethics is the same as feelings”
“Ethics and religious beliefs is the same thing”
“Ethics is not different from laws”
“Ethics follow the ...view middle of the document...

Hitler almost eliminated all of the Jews because of his anti-Semitic policies; countess Elizabeth Báthory tortured and kill hundreds of girls, just for entertainment… So that, some people feel great after doing good thing but some might feel the same thing even when they did some terrible thing. If Rousseau is correct, we consider ethics is the same as feeling, so those who did whatever feels good- like murder, cannibalism, child molestation – can be judged as an ethical person. So, overall, feelings – unlike ethics- obviously cannot be trust to guide human behavior, they just lead a person do what they want to, not what they should do.

Ethics is not following the religions.
Religion is all about what you believe in, but ethics is about what is right and what is wrong. Most religions advocate high ethical standards but some of them may have it own dark side. Sati – a Hindu custom in India- is one of them. According to this, in the husband’s funeral, the poor wife have to immolate herself on the pyre. The death of the women suppose to be voluntary, but then many woman have been force to kill herself, or being kill for this custom. This can be consider as deliberate murder, and no one can call it a ethical behavior.

Ethic is not the same as law.
A law’s system is base on several moral standards, but it might not be ethical. Law is created with it’s own punishment, while ethic is not. When it come to ethics, it is all about the conscience. When a person did some thing wrong, they will feel guity, have qualms of conscience before any law can jugde them.
Ethics comes from inside, from their own person’s moral sense of what is wrong or right while laws is something base on ethics and enforced by government. A person may think that this is right but somebody else think it is not. On the other hand, in law just have an only answer for a matter : legal or unlegal.
Not like ethics, laws can be strict, the law’s punishment is hard and sometime even break ethical standards. It will penalize anyone who happens to violate it.

Ethics is not following “whatever culture accepts”.
Most of the society, the people tend to accept every ethical standards. But some of the society can deviate from it. Back in time, many reign become corrupt in China. Many kings listening to the inciting of the eunuchs, corrupt official killed the good persons, make their kingdoms become doued up.
Furthermore, if ethic following culturally accepted norms, so that people should think first about what society accept, and then decide what can be moral action. For instance, many woman decide to procure abortion her child. To find out wether it is a ethical decision or not, should we have to do the survey on society’s thought about that? If most of people feel ok with that, can it be consider as a ethical action?
Moreover, one thought may be agreed by some persons, may be disagreed by some others. Should the society have to find out an...

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