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Course Outline On Capital Market Management

746 words - 3 pages

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Major: Financial Management


Capital Market Management

I. Course Number: FM 6 Credit: 3 units

II. Course Title: Capital Market Management Pre-Requisite: FM2, FM4

III. Course Description:

This course focuses on Capital Market Theory, its efficiency and implications. It establishes its coherence with the rest of the financial institutions within the financial environment. The course also deals with the relationship of the financial market with the government and how the latter stands a powerful influential tool. The course likewise attempts to develop the analytical ability of the ...view middle of the document...

Basic Characteristics of Common Stocks
4. What is Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)?
5. PSE History
6. The Role of PSE
7. When And Where You Can Buy Stocks?
8. How can You Make Money in Stock Market?
9. Transaction Flowchart
10. Risks Involve in Stock Market Investing

No. of Hours

C. Investing in Fixed-Income Security 13.5

1. Bonds

a. Why Invest in Bonds?
b. Issuers of Bonds
c. Essential Features of Bond
d. Types, Features and Characteristics of Bonds

2. Bond Valuation

a. Behavior of Market Interest Rates
b. The Pricing of Bonds
c. Measures of Yield and Return

D. Legal and Regulatory Framework 13.5

E. Securities and Exchange Commission

1. The Role of PSE
2. Administrative Agency
3. Power and Function of the Commission Regarding Investing Activities
4. Indemnification and Responsibilities of the Commissioners
5. New Sec Organization Chart

F. Prohibitions in Fraud, Manipulations and Insider Trading

1. Manipulation of Security Prices, Devices and Practice
2. Regulations of Option Trading
3. Fraudulent Transactions
4. Insiders Duty to Disclose when Trading

G. International Capital Market 13.5

1. Components of the US Financial System
2. Competition of Funds in Us Capital Market
3. Mix of Corporate Securities Sold in Capital Market
4. The Supply of Capital Funds
5. The Organization of International Security Market
6. Regulation of the International Market

H. Globalization of Securities Market

1. Growing...

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