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Course Note Essay

3322 words - 14 pages

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-PvKwii Av‡e`b cÎ/Rxeb e„ËvšÍ,hvPvB-evPvB Gi ‡cÖwÿ‡Z,Avgv‡`i e¨e¯’vcbv KZ©„cÿ Avcbv‡K ( Gwiqv g¨v‡bRvi ) wnmv‡e wbb¥ ewY©Z kZ© mv‡c‡ÿ cÖv_wgK fv‡e wbe©vPb Kiv n‡q‡Q| Avcbv‡K cÖwZw`b 08 N›Uv Kg© Ki‡Z n‡e mKvj 09 NwUKv nB‡Z weKvj 05 NwUKv chšÍ| wb‡b¥ D‡jøwLZ mg¯Í welq ¸‡jv Avcbvi Kv‡Q MÖnY †hvM¨ e‡j g‡b n‡j AvMvgx 18/06/2014 Bs ZvwiLt †ivR eyaevi| mKvj 08.00 NwUKv nB‡Z `ycyi 01.00 NwUKvi g‡a¨ Avgv‡`i wb‡b¥ ewY©Z Awd‡mi wVKvbvq Avm‡eb| Awdm t- weU‡Kv jwRw÷K mv‡cvU© wjwg‡UW, nvDR # 54 †ivW # 06 wbKzÄ-1 wLj‡¶Z XvKv| Avgv‡`i Pvwn`v †gvZv‡eK I kZ© Abyhvqx me wKQz Rgv †`Iqvi ci PzovšÍ fv‡e wb‡qvM cÖ`vb Kiv n‡e| Avcwb hw` PvKwi Ki‡Z Awb”QzK ‡nvb Zv hw` Avcbvi e¨w³MZ/cvwievwiK ...view middle of the document...| KvwiMix wKQz µwU-wePz¨wZ †givgZ Ges m¤ú&ªmvi‡bi KvR Pj‡Q ZvB,Avcwb GB gyû‡Z© website wfwRU Ki‡Z cvi‡Qb bv ! Av‡iv DbœZ cÖhyw³ wb‡q Avgiv Lye wkNªB wd‡i Avm‡ev| mvgwqK Amyweavi Rb¨ Avgiv AvšÍwiK fv‡e `ytwLZ| AÎ cÖwZôvb eûgyLx Kg©KvÛ Gi mv‡_ RwoZ,Avgv‡`i cÖwZôv‡bi Kg© KvÛ n‡”Q-‡gvevBj †dvb UvIqvi wbg©vY,†Rbv‡iUi Gi wW‡Rj mvcøvB,†bUIqvK© ms‡hv‡Mi KvR,gv‡K©wUs e¨emv,gvbe m¤ú` Dbœqb I mieivn mn †gvevBj †dvb UvIqv‡ii iÿbv-‡eÿb Gi KvR K‡i AvmwQ| †`‡ki Pjgvb 03 Uv †mj‡dvb †Kv¤úvbx Gi G‡RwÝ wnmv‡e 2007 Bs n‡Z A`¨ew` cÖhšÍ mybv‡gi mwnZ KvR K‡i AvmwQ,evsjv‡`‡ki cÖvq †Rjv‡Z Avgv‡`i wb‡qvM cÖvß Kg©Pvix/Kg©KZ©v wb‡qvwRZ Av‡Qb| Avcwb Avgv‡`i Aax‡b †gvevBj †dvb UvIqvi iÿbv-†eÿ‡bi ‡mKk‡b ¯’vqx fv‡e KvR Ki‡eb,†eZb mn mg¯Í my‡hvM-myweav Avgiv enb Kwie| 2

(10) wb‡qvM Avi¤^ tK) Avcbvi GB wb‡qvM cÖwkÿ‡Y †hvM`v‡bi ZvwiL nB‡Z Kvh©Ki nB‡e| L) Avcbvi kvixwiK †hvM¨Zv,PwiÎ I cÖvK-cwiPq KZ…©c‡¶i wbKU m‡šÍvlRbK nB‡Z nB‡e|

(11) wk¶vbwemKvj tK) 10 w`‡bi cÖwkÿY †k‡l 03 gvm wk¶vbwem wnmv‡e _vwK‡eb ( GLv‡b cÖ`Ë mKj myweav`x mn c~Y©v½ †eZb cv‡eb )| Z‡e kZ© _v‡K †h,wb‡qvMKvix KZ…©c¶ KviY wjwce× Kwiqv D³ †gqv` cÖ‡qvRb g‡b Kwi‡j e„w× Ki‡Z cvwi‡eb| L) K…ZKv‡h©i mwnZ wk¶vbwewmKvj mgvc‡bi ci Avcbvi PvKwi ¯’vqx wnmv‡e †hvM`v‡bi ZvwiL nB‡Z Kvh©Kix nB‡e| †Kv¤úvwbi wbR¯^ c¨vW G wmj †gvniK„Z Ges e¨e¯’vcbv KZ…©K m¦v¶wiZ wb‡qvM cÎ cv‡eb| Kv‡Ri ¯^v‡_© Avcbvi c`ex cwieZ©b/c‡`vDbœwZ Kiv hvB‡e|

(12) PvKwi Aemvb tK) wk¶vbwewm _vKvKvjxb mg‡q KZ©„c‡¶i wbKU Avcbvi Kvh©vjvc m‡šÍvlRbK e‡j we‡ewPZ bv n‡j 1 (GK) gv‡mi †bvwUk cÖ`vb c~e©K Avcbvi PvKwi Aemvb Kiv nB‡e| †m‡¶‡Î Avcbvi hveZxq cvIbvw` Ges KvMRcÎ †Kv¤úvbx h_vmg‡q eywSqv w`‡Z eva¨ _vwK‡e| L) 30 w`‡bi †bvwUk `vb Kwiqv Dfq c¶ PvKwii Aemvb Kwi‡Z cvwi‡eb| M) cÖwZôv‡bi cÖPwjZ wbqg-k„sLjv f½, Am`vPib, A_©...

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