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Course Evaluation Essay

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Course Evaluation
Quintella Lauderdale
Design and Process of Curriculum Development
HSN 544
Alice Kindschuh
July 18, 2012

Course Evaluation
Course evaluations have been around for a long time. In fact, the first teacher course evaluation referred to as a teacher rating scale, was published in 1915. Shortly thereafter there research on the subject of student evaluations and teacher effectiveness flourished. This began in the mid-1920s. The research slowed down throughout the 1960s and student evaluations were done on a voluntary basis. In the 1970s scholars began to scrutinize the validity of the student evaluations of teachers (SET). At this time, research was ...view middle of the document...

Outcomes, objectives, and theories will be used in the evaluation of a course evaluation.
Were expected outcomes identified for this course?
In what ways were the outcomes specific to the student population?
To what extent were the outcomes measurable within the timeframe of completion?
To what extent were learner objectives specific enough for prospective students?
What was the relationship between the outcomes and the objectives?
What learning theory/philosophy (ies) do you think served as the foundation of this course?
Both schools and teachers can use information from course evaluations to interpret how others feel about their style of teaching. According to Frick, 2010, “Complex learning has been defined as involving “the integration of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.” Although a course evaluation provides instructors with feedback about their effectiveness in teaching, the ultimate goal to improve student’s outcome of material taught (Densona et al., 2010). Many instructors value what students say and take to heart evaluations that are more specific and constructive. Course evaluations typical do not include any items related to student learning and achievement. According to Frick et al. 2010, p.116, “global items such as “This was an outstanding course” or “The instructor of this course was outstanding” correlate moderately with student achievement.” While these items do predict increased student achievement, they do not indicate how to improve teaching.
Most course evaluations were in the past completed with pen and paper; however, recently many schools have moved...

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