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Course Design Guide It/237 Essay

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Course Design Guide IT/237 Version 5


Course Design Guide
College of Information Systems & Technology IT/237 Version 5 Intro to Web Design II
Copyright © 2012, 2009, 2007, 2006 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

Course Description This course introduces development tools and techniques used to publish Web pages on the World Wide Web. Students use basic Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), scripting, and presentational technologies to create ™ websites without the aid of a software authoring application. Topics include XHTML, CSS, JavaScript , server hosting, site publication, site maintenance, and search engine optimization. Policies Faculty and students will be held ...view middle of the document...

Read the course description and objectives. Read the instructor’s biography and post your own.



Course Preparation

Course Design Guide IT/237 Version 5


Reading Reading

Read Appendix A regarding the final project requirements. Read Tutorial 1 of New Perspectives on Blended HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Review this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Respond to weekly discussion questions. and Participate in class discussion.

Reading Discussion Questions & Participation CheckPoint ® Toolwire Tutorials and ® Toolwire Lab: Creating a Basic Web Page


Resources: Toolwire Student Desktop. ® Complete the Toolwire tutorials. Complete the Toolwire Lab: Creating a Basic Web Page. Note. The tutorials and lab are learning tools to help you complete the CheckPoint. For each Toolwire submission, two websites are due (the Toolwire Lab and the Handcoded Site). Complete the lab, worth 5 points of the assignment, as instructed.. Create a new folder on your computer called IT237-Name, where Name is the first initial of your first and last names. Do not include spaces in the folder name. Complete Tutorial 1 to create the web page shown in Figure 1-38 on p. 49 of New Perspectives on Blended HTML, XHTML, and CSS ® ® ® using Microsoft Notepad or Code View in Adobe Dreamweaver . Save your web page as NameTutorial1.html in your IT237-Name folder on your computer, and compress (zip) the folder (Maximum file size is 10MB). Submit the final files to your instructor.

Day 7


Week Two: Using Styles
Objectives 2.1 Describe how styles are applied for formatting web content. 2.2 Describe the three types of CSS styles. 2.3 Apply embedded styles to control various attributes of a web page and its content. 2.4 Demonstrate how you would use one CSS technique or tag to enhance the look of content in a web browser. Resource: Appendix A Decide on your website’s theme for the final project.. Submit the following: Day 2 30



Exercise Project Proposal

Course Design Guide IT/237 Version 5


  

The site’s purpose: short paragraph to describe what you want the website to accomplish The site’s target audience: Briefly describe for whom your website is intended. You may use bullet points. The site’s message: The message is not a detailed description of all the site’s content; instead, it is the overriding theme or message, such as a slogan or motto. You may include a list of what you want the site to communicate to the target audience. Day 3 50

CheckPoint CSS Description Types

Describe external, embedded, and inline types of cascading style sheets (CSS) in a paper of at least 350 words. Include the following in your description:   A pro and con for each type of CSS Where the code is written for each type of CSS

Note. In this assignment, you will be modifying the file "NameTutorial1.html" from Week One (not the Toolwire lab file "Tutorial1.html" from last week). The modification is to the...

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