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Courage And Leadership Essay

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What is courage? According to Merriam- Webster, courage is the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous (2014). As a leader, courage often takes on many roles from accepting responsibility for faults, Nonconformity, pushing beyond the comfort zone, asking for help, and fighting for what you believe. “Courage is an emotional strength that involves the exercise of will to accomplish goals in the face of opposition, external or internal” (Crossan, 2013). In the case study of Sycamore Pharmaceuticals Blake Lynch was faced with a decision to go against the grain and report dishonesty of the claims by the pharmaceutical company to the FDA..
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He led a remarkable turnaround by focusing “on getting the financial house in order, restoring trust among employees, and getting FDA approval for the new cancer drug” (Daft, 2008). Lynch did not hesitate in telling employees he needed their help. This empowered them brought about camaraderie as the people struggled together. Blake should look at telling the truth as a way to empower the employees and regain trust from the consumer. “There is a stream of leadership research that recognizes the critical role of courage in leaders. It is an important facet that we believe can help answer some of the questions raised above. Once we have taken into account all that a leader is and all that the leader brings to bear upon the situation, in the final analysis, the leader must yet demonstrate the courage to go ahead and do what needs be done” (Bangari, 2012).
Why do people go along with deception? Most of the time it is just easier to follow than rocking the boat. The concern for the greater good must over ride. Charles Darwin put off publishing Origins of Species for two decades because he feared ridicule. “Leaders make a real difference in the world when they are willing to step up and take personal responsibility… Courageous leaders create opportunities to make a difference in their organizations and communities” (Daft, 2008). “A leader may feel responsible to act and believe that he or she has the capability to do so, yet may remain...

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