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County Planning Essay

1942 words - 8 pages

Albany County Planning Board
Draft GML 239 Referral Recommendations
Meeting September 16, 2010

Colonie (T)

Case #: 7-100900973
Applicant: Century Hill Plaza Office Park
Project Location: 3 Auto Park Drive (aka 14 Plaza Drive) in between Northway and SR 9, north of Exit 7 ramps.
Parcel Size: 15.25acres
Zoning: CO
Tax Map Number: 9.4-3-4
Referring Agency: Planning Board 
Considerations: Site plan for three, multistory office buildings totaling 390,541 s.f., a two story parking structure for 480 cars, as well as parking lots with a total of 1,195 spaces. The property is adjacent to an existing office park to the north and is connected by an internal street to that ...view middle of the document...

2. A Notice of Intent filed with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation affirming that a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan has been prepared is being implemented or submission of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan that is consistent with the requirements included in the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges (GP-0-10-001, January 29, 2010) for construction activities that disturb more than one acre of land.

3. Notification to the local fire department.

4. Review by the FAA (Form 7460-1 available from and notification to Albany Airport Authority for FAA FAR Part 77 Aeronautical Impact Notification for temporary construction related and structural incursions within the prescribed Runway Approach Surfaces.

5. Review by the New York State Department of Transportation for design of highway access and assessment of road capacity due to the impact of traffic volume to SR 9.

6. The Town should have written confirmation for reasons of public safety and welfare that National Grid is aware of the details of the site plan and approves of the parking lot proposal and stormwater management basin on lands owned by them.

New Scotland (T)

Case #: 13-100900980
Applicant: Michael & Dorothy Matthews
Project Location: 281 Swift Road, 500' north of SR 85 Voorheesville
Parcel Size: 2.5acres
Zoning: Residential Ag. District
Tax Map Number: 83.0-3-31
Referring Agency: Zoning Board
Considerations: Area variance from side yard setback to allow remodeling of a single family home with the addition of a room and newer garage to be setback 15' where 25' is required.
Countywide and
Intermunicipal Impacts: No significant countywide or intermunicipal impact.
Staff Opinion: Defer to local consideration
1. This board has found that the proposed action will have no significant countywide or intermunicipal impact. Defer to local consideration.

Albany (C)

Case #: 1-100900981
Applicant: Benedicto Fabian d/b/a Juannaylees Restaurant
Project Location: 117 South Pearl Street, 100' north of Madison Ave. Albany
Parcel Size: 1625sq.feet
Zoning: C-1
Tax Map Number: 76.49-3-2
Referring Agency:   Zoning Board
Considerations: Special use permit to allow a restaurant with take out food in an existing vacant commercial building.
Countywide and
Intermunicipal Impacts: Potential impact to: DOH permit
Staff Opinion: Modify local approval to include
1. Review by the Albany County Department of Health for food service and other required permits.

New Scotland (T)

Case #: 13-100900982
Applicant: Spencer Sisson
Project Location: 1990 New Scotland Road/SR 85, approx. 280' west of SR 85A, Slingerlands
Parcel Size: 32900+/-sq.feet
Zoning: ...

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