Country Cultural Practice Project Of The Republic Of Ireland

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Country Cultural Practice Project of the Republic of Ireland

MGT 604 Administrations, Globalization, & Multiculturalism

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14 Aug 2015

Executive Summary
The Republic of Ireland consists of twenty-six counties and is located on the island of Ireland, along with Northern Ireland. Ireland is a parliamentary democracy, made up of three branches of government: the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch. The executive branch consists of the President, who is mostly there for ceremonial purposes, the Prime Minister, who is the head of the government, and the Deputy Prime Minister. The ...view middle of the document...

234). The English, who were Protestant, began to try to suppress the Irish, who were Catholic, and tried to “Eradicate Catholicism from Ireland,” (Gall & Hobby, 2009, p. 235). The Republic of Ireland eventually gained its independence from England in 1922 and joined the European Community (now called the European Union) in 1973 (Gall & Hobby, 2009, p. 234).
The Republic of Ireland is a parliamentary democracy, made up of three branches of government: the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch. The Chief of State (the President) is elected by the people, by popular vote and largely plays a ceremonial role (“Irish Political System”, n.d., The President of Ireland). The current president is Michael D. Higgins, appointed October 29, 2011. The president serves for a term of seven years and can be elected for only two terms. Nominated by the House of Representatives and appointed by the Chief of State is the head of the government (Prime Minister), the Taoiseach, who is currently Enda Kenny. The Deputy Prime Minister is called the Tánaiste.
The legislative branch is a bicameral parliamentary, called Oireachtas, and consists of two houses of Parliament. The House of Representatives, called the Dáil Éireann, and the Senate, called the Seanad Éireann (“Irish Political System”, n.d., The Oireachtas). The Dáil Éireann “has 166 members known as Teachtaí Dála (TD),” and elections take place at least every five years (“Irish Political System”, n.d., The Oireachtas). The Seanad consists of sixty members, eleven of which are nominated by the Taoiseach, and the rest are elected by either vocational panels and/or national universities (“Irish Political System”, n.d., The Oireachtas).
The Judicial Branch’s highest court is the Supreme Court or Court of Final Appeal. This court consists of the Chief Justice and seven other judges. Judges are nominated by the Taoiseach and appointed by the chief of state. They can serve on the court until they reach the age of seventy (“Ireland”, 2014, Judicial Branch).
Educational Facts
The Irish Constitution “guarantees freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion” (Wilson, 2001, p. 1101). About eighty-five percent of the Irish are Roman Catholics, three percent make up the Church of Ireland, another three percent are Christian, one percent are Muslim, two percent are unspecified, two percent are other and six percent of the Irish population identify with no religion (“Ireland”, 2014, Religions). Since the majority of the Irish are Roman Catholic, Catholicism is strongly intertwined into the everyday life of an Irish person. It influences laws, education and architecture. One example of this is divorce, which only recently became legal in 1997. Another example is abortion, which is still illegal today, according to the Irish Constitution (Gall & Hobby, 2009, p. 235).
A July 2014 estimate of Ireland’s population, puts the population at...

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