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Countering The Culture Of Sex Essay

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Countering the Culture of Sex

Over the past twenty years teenage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases between teenagers have been growing problems in the United States. In two articles, “Countering the Culture of Sex,” by Ellen Goodman and “Moms have strong impact on teen sexual activity,” by Daniel B. Wood solutions are brought as to how we can solve these growing problems. One text spends its time picking at the media, while the other shines the light on parents and guardians. Both writings push our society to see what is happening to the teenagers of our country, and asks our citizens to do something about it. While there is no clarity as to which paper has a ...view middle of the document...

In “Moms have strong impact on teen sexual activity,” by Daniel B. Wood, the idea of parents having greater influence on their children than our society has given them credit for in recent years is used. Wood claims that parents are the key to keeping our children from making the mistake of unprotected and uneducated sex. This article reports that “21 percent of boys and 19 percent of girls have engaged in sexual intercourse before the age of fourteen.” The author goes on to say that parents have the greatest influence on their kids. They have even more influence than do the images broadcast over television. “The perception that mom is warm and caring makes a difference.” If parents have high expectations for school, have regulations and rules, and know where their child is throughout the day they will greatly help their kids stay away from these kinds of scenarios. Parents must establish communication with their kids.

Though the authors have their own ideas on how to go about preventing teenagers from having unprotected sex their goal is one in the same. Taking action towards the people who most influence a young person‘s life. Letting these people know that what they say or do does mean something to these kids. Whether it’s Congress or the media or the parents of these children, they all play a significant roll in shaping these lives. Unprotected sex that results in teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases to be spread, can be prevented if the adults in our society get involved. Teenage pregnancies, although lower than they have been, still affect one million teenage...

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