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Counterfeiting Essay

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Counterfeiting is one of the oldest jobs in the world. Basically if there is a way of even trying people would do anything to make money and take advantage of the benefits of having money. Many people try to produce “fake” money however even though the standards are so high and the chances are small, more and more people get a way of falsifying money. Most of these bills are sold to drug dealers, and they are little by little “washed” and spread across the country. There are bad bills, the ones that cannot pass certain checks, and there are the good ones, made by people like Art Williams. The bills that someone is trying to “master” over the years, the ...view middle of the document...

The more secure the bill is the better for the population, therefore the “counterfeiting is in equilibrium.” (Y. Lengwiler)
The central bank is the bank that has to redeem counterfeits notes, and if there is no extra money, the money that will be “created” to cover up the false will create an unbalance among the economy of the country. People need to understand that counterfeiting is more than just creating the “perfect” note, is more than a passion, and more than a luxurious life. Is also “hurting” others, hurting the economy and creating an involuntarily chaos. When a person has a false note, the note is confiscated, and that person if is not arrested, if they can prove that they have not created false bills, is losing that bill. If it was one hundred bills, that person is having less money and might get in trouble for something that she/he has no idea that it can be possible.
Before coming along this interview about Art Williams I had no idea what or how counterfeiting is functioning. I thought for some reason that the way money are made is secure, and even to just try to make it happen there is a big chance to get arrested. I had no idea how counterfeit notes could impact the economy or us the “others”. That explains why the central bank is choosing a safer note for bigger bills and less safe notes for lower bills. Lengwiler is talking about the importance of the security of the bill, in concordance with the punishment for counterfeiting. Basically lower bills are not worth the try since there is so much work into it and they will be so much harder to exchange. But hundred dollar bills are targeted because they have more “price”. They are worth the try if the counterfeiter is caught.
Choosing a specific paper or color, can contribute to the sophistication of the note, and result in greater security. It is important that most people do not have access to the information about...

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