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Counselling In A Diverse Society Essay

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A White 43 year old female was attending for a one off 30 minute counselling session. This session was taking place in a dedicated room in a college setting. The client arrived for counselling in what seemed to be an anxious and preoccupied state.
Although this session was being recorded for the purpose of assessment by my fellow peers and tutors, providing some anxiety on my part. I wanted the tape to be a true reflection of my counselling ability, placing emphasis on the need to empower and be present for the client.
On this occasion I was offering the client a one off 30 minute counselling session. At the beginning of this session I opened with a contract .Which is a vital part of the ...view middle of the document...

Using the time left for summarizing the clients words from the clients perspective..

Counsellor- The session itself will last about 30 minutes, so I will be checking my watch (indicates to client the watch on the table) That doesn’t mean that I’m not present with you, just a matter of being aware of the time boundaries and how much of the session is left, there is also a watch on the table there for your own awareness to see how long we have left of the session.

In enabling the client access to the watch on the table it served to give the client an awareness of time if the client chose.

Client- yes…yes..

Counsellor- Five minutes before the end of the session I will let you know that we have five minutes left In order to summarize what we have discussed.

Client -ok

Counsellor- and to bring the session to a safe close.

Client- ok

This indicated to me that the client fully understood when she responded by saying yes …yes …and ok

This working contract serves to enhance client empowerment in an ethical, sensitive and safe way, which begins to build up from the beginning an empowering relationship with the client, by being open and transparent within the contracting process through to the end of the session. It is within this initial beginning that the clients presenting problem is revealed. The client shared that on this occasion the presenting problem was about her own feelings in relation to an experience her daughter had recently had and how this had left her feeling.

When a client is sharing personal sensitive material, it is vital that an ethical framework exists for both counsellor and client as this is for the protection and safety of both parties involved.
Confidentiality limits are addressed within this contract. Within this session I address with the client the issue of confidentiality and ask the client to express their understanding of what confidentiality means to them.

Counsellor- I must inform you that what you share with me today is not confidential to me alone and I would like to take a moment if at all possible to just check out your understanding of confidentiality, what that perhaps means to you.

Encouraging the client to express their own perspective on what confidentiality means to them

Client- I would take that to mean something that stays between two people

Counsellor- yes, yes

Client -if something was confidential

Counsellor- and generally that is the case , there are exceptions to that
Dependent on the counsellors perception or the organisation, but this session today is not confidential to you and I alone, with your permission I do hope to share this tape with my tutors, group members and the external verifiers in order for them to assess my skills, they will not discuss what you and I have talked about.

Client- yes

I then went on to inform the client the situations in which confidentiality may be extended and clarified the clients understanding of this.

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