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Counselling For Social Adjustment: A Panacea For Socio Political Instability And Ethnic/Religious Crises In Nigeria

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Counselling-which that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action is inevitable in any organisation, institutions or society. More importantly, the roles of counselling in a country like Nigeria made up of diverse ethnic groups ...view middle of the document...

Given this background, the importance of counselling towards ensuring sustainable socio-political and ethnic/religious unity is inevitable. In line with this, and cognizance of the existence of latest threats to the future ethnic and socio-political stability, the question comes; what are the plausible ways that counselling can mediate between the people and the government to provide sustainable environment? Further to this, what are the roles that a counsellor can play towards ensuring sustainable socio-political and ethnic/religious unity in the county? This question comes out of the fact that counselling as a profession should be explored to provide qualitative advise and suggestions for the purpose of adjusting the society in a way to ensure stable socio-political environment and ethnic/religious unity.
The Concept and Fundamental of Counselling
It is difficult to think of single definition of counselling. This is because definition of counselling depends on theoretical orientation. In view of this, different definition and meaning of counselling by different scholars will be examined.
Counselling is a process by which a person is assisted to confront and resolve his social and psychological problems through interaction with another well-informed person. Orubu (1991) described counselling as a combination of programmes and activities geared towards assisting an individual to develop social and psychological skills, attitude and competencies so that he can solve his problems in a more personality satisfying manner. Counselling could also be seen as a process of helping individual to understand themselves and their world (cherlzer and Stone, 1997). By this definition, counselling is not a one time event and is not a single action, and continues in the life of the individual and it involves a series of action tailored. progressively towards achieving a goal.
Counselling is not meant for only students or clients experiencing problems. It is also a social institution where a counsellor carries out a programme of public relationship with the immediate community. This he does by participating in various community programmes and thus furnishing the members of the community with information and advice with the aim of adjusting the behaviours of people positively to achieve sustainable socio-political environment. (Gordon, 2012). Blanchand and Fenm (1969) opined that counselling is the purposeful direction of the growth of individual in the five worlds which are: social, emotional, psychological, physical and mental. In the aspect of social world, counselling is actively carried out to adjust the society towards providing sustainable socio-political environment. This view was supported by Rabietu (2011) who maintained that counselling involves helping, aiding, directing or assisting an individual towards better understanding of himself and his world. This brings about adjustment for the individual. Based on this, a counsellor should be a...

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