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Counseling Essay

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My name is SGT (P) Michael Flores, I am from Houston, TX and I graduated from Charles H. Milby Senior High. During the summer of 2004 I enlisted in the Texas Army Nation Guard Reserve. After high school, I attended One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Fort Leonard Wood, MO for MOS 21B, Combat Engineer. After two years I then decided to enlist in active duty service and received orders to Fort Stewart, GA.
I was assigned to E Co 3-7 IN BN (Sappers) and deployed as a member of a Sapper squad. During my three years there, I obtained the position of Team Leader and reenlisted for MOS 42A Human Resource Specialist.
I then received my next assignment to Fort Richardson, AK and while in route I ...view middle of the document...

At this current time I feel the Adjutant General Corp is very important to the Army mission due to the nature of which it operates. By keeping Soldiers first and taking care of them and their families the Adjutant General Corp can support any and all MOS’ in achieving their goal.
Im not sure how well of an asset I am the Adjutant General Corp, however I do feel that I am an important asset to the overall Army mission. By constant support to the unit in which I am a member of and constant support to all Soldiers, I feel that I do somehow make an impact to the Total Army Mission.
I personally feel that I am a huge asset to the 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) in that I can provide direct mission readiness and Soldier support through a tireless effort in personnel management and Soldier Records. By placing whatever mission is currently the priority to the unit as my priority I feel that I can work as a cohesive unit with the 3rd Bn, 10th SFG(A) and provide direct support to accomplish any mission. I feel that my leadership expects me to be able to perform all my duties to the fullest as best as I can manage through my means as a Noncommissioned Officer. Which means Initial Success and No Failure. In turn, I expect full support from my leadership in my growth as a future senior leader. Consistent mentoring and full support go hand in hand when it comes to the assistance in career growth that...

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