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Counseling Essay

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I have always been fascinated with counseling - I find it similar to finding a prize in your lunchbox at school. It gives you a feeling of being Sherlock Holmes; discovering and solving a mystery – the mystery of why we do things. My curiosity has increased during my tenure in the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) working with inner city school children. There are many students within the district that are burdened by life. I feel this burden prevents and sometimes precludes them from learning and enjoying life as a child. I have a compassion for people – particularly school age children.

As an Officer in the United States Army I was required to perform periodic counseling for soldier assigned ...view middle of the document...

Listening allowed me to get to the gist of the problem – to see through all the talk and get to the heart of the matter. Being determined allowed me to stick with the issue until resolved and ensuring my subordinate understood the outcome – good or bad. Finally, being patient is always a good trait to have because it allows me to consider options mentally before taking action. On the opposite end of this spectrum my stubbornness is sometimes a fault, because I sometimes have tunnel-vision and see only my point of view.

Many angry children have entered my life since arriving at DISD and I have been able to help some of them adjust to life’s changes; however, I want to help them all. I know this sounds ambitious but this is my goal – to help all the children that I come in contact with during my teaching career. In my opinion, this is what teaching is all about – not just teaching them to read, write, and multiply and to think critically; but to impart on them the ability to have fun, set goals, and enjoy life. I love children and I see they need someone to listen, and guide them along life’s path. I see this as my passion in life and this degree will be the platform to launch a career in counseling.
In conclusion, this program will better equip me to pursue this passion of helping people. This degree will afford me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our young people who are the future of this country. More importantly I can help them enjoy life much more and to guide them in a direction that will allow them to make a difference in the life of someone else.

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