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Could Softbank Play Sprint’s Savior Essay

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Could Softbank play Sprint’s savior
Recently, one big new shocks the U.S cellular telecommunications industry and some people even thinks that will cause a new worldwide tycoon in this industry. The new is that “Softbank Corp. has reached a deal to buy 70 percent of U.S. mobile carrier Sprint Nextel Corp. for $20.1 billion in the largest ever foreign acquisition by a Japanese company (Walker).” This is a mergence between the Japanese third biggest mobile carriers and U.S third biggest mobile carriers. Some investors believe this action will disrupt U.S Market and make Sprint competitive with two traditional communications giants AT&T Inc and Verizon Wireless.
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For example, As a student at the University of California, Berkeley, Masayoshi Son decided to earn his own living expenses by inventing a talking electronic translating machine. The 19-year-old economics student from Japan had no experience inventing anything, no funds and no technological expertise. What he did have was confidence in his ability to accomplish what he set out to do. Through sheer force of personality and persistence, Mr. Son was able to enlist others who had the skills he lacked – including the world’s foremost expert on speech synthesizers whom he had never met before – and build a prototype translating machine, which he sold to Sharp, the Japanese electronics company, for an estimated Y100m(Nakamto). What’s more, he is an opportunist, skilled at spotting deals. Some his friend call him mobile’s gambler and they all agree that such tenacity and a willingness to bet big on his own potential have been key to the success of Mr. Son. Whild most gamblers lose on the gaming table why Mr. Son is different and he wins on Vodafone case and has been No.1 in annual net subscribe additions in Japan since 2007. Why good luck always stands on his side? I think it’s because he never fight unprepared war. As he mentions on the Monday conference “when I acquired Vodafone Japan, they said, ‘Oh it’s a saturated market. You come so late! And you have no experience. What is your strategy? How do you fight? You’re going to lose all your subscribers’,” Son said. “I said, ‘Well I understand your concern but I’, not going to talk my strategy.”’ Actually, Son already had Steve Jobs say he would give him the iPhone before it was announced and Son never talk about this in public(Moritz). So I have a reason to believe that Son must hold some unknown resources. If not, he won’t bet $20 billion on Sprint as a businessman.
Second, Sprint as the third wireless operator is still very competitive in U.S markets although Sprint is stuck in its financial problems recently. But once Sprint get Softbank’s fresh capital to pay down its debt and invest in its network to catch up his rivals, Sprint will get a rebirth. We know since Apple announced new iPhone in 2007, Sprint begins the decline of the road. It keeps losing high-class customers and the stock price falls to around $5 from over $18 at beginning. In order to change the declining tendency, Sprint sign an unbelievably expensive contract with Apple, which still can’t save Sprint. As the new “4G” mobile networks which also called LTD, Sprint is also far behind Verizon and AT&T. But Sprint still owns a group of customers by its nationwide fiber optic network and other good services. With the help of Softbank’s strong capital, Sprint is able to continue its Internet construction and develop its LTD technology. Furthermore, Softbank is also constructing the LTD in Japan and that’s why they buy the eAccess so both two companies could benefit and learn from each other. And another factor that Softbank value...

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