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Cougar Essay

2672 words - 11 pages

By: Meghan Leeds

Cougar was his code name. He was a Green Beret, a special force in the army. His name is James, but barely anyone knows his real name. You were even considered lucky to know him personally.
I was sitting outside smoking, the moon making the smoke glow in the night, when James urgently came over to me and asked me to write this. He wanted me to because he didn’t want to describe himself. He didn’t know how. Trust me, once you’re here his story he won’t need to be described.
I can’t even begin to explain what he’s been through. He was treated so poorly. I can’t put it into words. James might be able to; he might be able to give ...view middle of the document...

Apparently she had some useful information. Her name was Lilly.
All I remember of that is the leader of the mission sternly saying, “Get in, get her, get out! Don’t stop to smell the stupid roses. If anything goes wrong abort the mission. If you die, well you know the rest.”
Soon after that I got on a plane heading into Vietnam. I was lost in a maze of thoughts when I heard the sharp snap of a gunshot. I whipped my head around to look at the front of the plane. The pilot laid there dead, blood pouring out from a wound in his chest.
Being a Green Beret you have to think on your toes. You have to believe that everything is a lie, nothing is true. You can’t let the truth blind you. Instead you make the truth into lies and then the lies open your eyes to what is real. I know its crude thinking but that is how our brains are wired. That is how we survive.
I put that thinking into action. I hurriedly tugged my knife out of my belt. In pure, eerie silence I headed toward the cock pit. When I reached the entrance I looked at co-pilot’s seat. A large Russian man stood there pointing his cocked gun at the co-pilot. Without a sound I forcefully stabbed the man in the back several times.
Suddenly one of the engines exploded. I was horrified and began to speak frantically. “This plane is gonna go down! We have to land it!”
The old, wrinkled co-pilot looked at me in confidence. He courageously said, “You jump. If this thing is going to go down then I’m going with it. Besides, look…” He lifted his hand away from his chest. I shuddered. A large gash was right next to his shoulder.
With his good arm he pushed me away. “Go!” Swiftly I strapped on my parachute. With a nod of appreciation to the co- pilot, I jumped and plummeted down toward the cold, unwelcoming jungle.
I landed in a clearing as the sun began to scrape the tree tops. I climbed up to the edge of a waterfall and took in the breathtaking sight. Everything looked so peaceful. The sun streaked the sky with purples and reds while making the tumbling water shimmer. I took in a sharp breath of the tangy. That breath was cut short. A bone-chilling scream pierced the air and echoed through the rocks. It was abruptly cut off. This mission meant life or death, and I just now realized that sometimes, death can cheat you.
As I stood there, frozen, the wind began to rapidly pick up. I stretched my face towards the sky and realized that I had the worst of luck. A helicopter, stuffed with soldiers, was landing in the clearing below me. “Crap!” I spat angrily.
As the Vietnamese began filing out of the helicopter my heart began to race in my hard chest. I was terribly outnumbered. I decided to create a distraction. Mustering all my strength I lifted a large boulder. Carefully I placed it on the edge of the cliff and with a hard shove I pushed it over the edge. With a boom I heard a loud smack travel across the land.
As the soldiers blindly ran up the dark hill shouting, I stealthily ran down. Lights...

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