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Costa Rica A Green Paradise Essay

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Costa Rica is a country located in the narrow Central America. It is well known all over the world for its natural resources, hospitality, democracy and lover of peace.
History has shown that, that due to its inhabitants way of being, the Province of Guanacaste which were part of the Nicaraguan territory, decided to join to Costa Rica and become "Ticos". From this party adventure, Costa Rica acquired a new huge territory, population, hand labor, folklore, new customs and traditions.
Many other immigrants were coming from Africa, and China, but recently, from Taiwan, and Colombia.
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3. A large quantity of Nicaraguan Citizens lost their properties, their belongings and escaped to Costa Rica, seeking a new life, looking for jobs to support their families, working in the banana and coffee plantation on the harvest seasons.
Many of them found jobs in construction, as security guards in San José, the capital city, some others worked as guards in parking areas, and most part of the women worked as maids and a minor quantity as ambulant sellers.

4. As in the past, Nicaragua still suffers of many problems like unemployment, lack of money and many others. In the present time, there’s just no work in Nicaragua, and here in Costa Rica you can at least make something," said Patricia Herrera a 27 year old illegal immigrant, who sells “vigorones” in the Paseo Los Turistas in Puntarenas. She earns around ten thousand colones per day. In Nicaragua, you can't earn that in a whole day," she finally said.

B. The Immigration of people from all over Central and South America have made life for “Ticos” very hard, due to the availability of cheap hand labor from Nicaraguans.
1. The Social Security has made special programs for the new population; many children from Nicaraguan have been insured by the Social Security of Costa Rica. Many immigrants with effort and a lot of work have acquired properties in many places of San José like “La Carpio”, and recently in Puntarenas.

2. For decades, the immigrants have been mostly tolerated, but the economic slump suffered in the last past months has many Costa Ricans worried that immigrants are taking their jobs, leaving them with very little choices to make their living. This has an enormous repercussion because these facts have...

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