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Cost Of The War On Drugs

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Charlie Sutcliffe
English IV 4th Period
5 May, 2014
Research Paper: Cost of War on Drugs per Year
The Cost of War on Drugs Per Year
Part 1: My Question-- What I Already Know, and What I Want to Know
The war on drugs has been an issue in the United States for over forty years. The war on drugs is such an interesting topic due to the broad range of fields of work. I found this topic interesting because I have considered making an impact on the war on drugs after college. I first started to find this topic interesting at a young age. Border patrol agents have always grabbed my attention in the news and while watching shows about the war on drugs. One of the biggest aspects of the war on ...view middle of the document...

Part 2: My Search Process-- What I Did to Find My Answers
When I started this I-search paper on the 21st of April, I first went to the library. Not surprisingly, the library had no books discussing the war on drugs so I turned to the internet. One of the first websites I went to was When I started searching for information here, it led me to At this website I found loads of information that dealt with the allowed budget for the national and state level governments toward the war on drugs. The article “The National Drug Control Budget FY: 2013 Funding Highlights” said how and what our government spent money on to fight the war on drugs. This website also led me to “The National Drug Control Budget FY: 2014 Funding Highlights” and “South Carolina Drug Control Update.” The article “South Carolina Drug Control Update” was from 2010 but it showed our budget for that year and also the precautions we took to stop the war on drugs in our state.
After I found out the overall dollars spent, I wanted to know what the money was spent on. When I started reading more into “The National Drug Control Budget FY: 2013 Funding Highlights,” I found out that there is a few fields that the majority of the budget is spent on. One of the areas that the majority of the money is spent is at the border (Budget 2013). When I started looking for more information on this, I found articles that described what the border control does.
The next day, I started trying to find out if the war on drugs was worth it. Fox news and CNN both gave their view on whether it is a waste or not. I also started looking into how many men and women are arrested each year for the possession of drugs or being under the influence of them. I found an article discussing this topic. The was from the New York Times, and it gave me an insight on how money it takes to hold a prisoner who was arrested due to drugs. When I completed my research, I had all the information I needed to answer my questions.
Part 3- What I Have Learned in Completing The Search Results
Every year the budget for the drug war seems to change. In 2013 Congress granted the government 24.5 billion dollars, which is almost 1 percent increase from 2012 (Budget 2013). This budget is used for treatment, prevention, and interdiction, and other smaller ares. Surprisingly treatment received the most amount of money from the grant. Treatment has an average budget of right around 9.5 billion dollars every year. Treatment includes substance abuse treatment, taking care of any civilian or officer harmed while dealing with drugs, and also the recovery process of anyone coming out of rehab (Budget 2013).
The Budget for 2014 increased from 2013. In 2014, the United States has a budget of 25.4 billion dollars, which is an increase of 3.7 percent from 2013. In the 2014 budget, border patrol asked for 12 million dollars alone (Vetter). Border patrol falls under the category of prevention. Just from border...

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