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Cost Justified Outline Paper

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Cost Justified

I. Stakeholders
A. Mary
1. Protecting her image
2. Economic well being by loss of position
B. Joe
1. Interested in keeping his job
2. Reputation
3. Dilemma of following Mary’s request or go to upper management
C. CEO (John)
1. Interest on the company and the performance of company
2. Interested in having a reliable computer system
3. Reputation
D. Employees
1. Economic job loss
2. Fear of being blamed for system performance
3. Interest in company performance
E. Shareholders
1. Interested in investment
2. Wants company to responsibly manage finances
3. Expectation on a level of return

II. Legal Analysis
A. Sarbanes Oxley
1. System is used in financial reporting and control
2. If Mary decides not to report facts about the system it may not provide accurate financial data
3. The act requires that officers of the company have certified the information and that the procedures have been ...view middle of the document...

III. Ethical Analysis
A. Categorical Imperative
1. Truth should always be told and you should do the right thing
2. Shareholders should expect a return
3. Employees need to be truthful about computer systems
4. Computer system should function properly
B. Utilitarian
1. Greatest good for the greatest number
2. CEO is concerned for the whole company
3. Mary believes that she is preventing problems by not saying anything about the computer system
C. Rights Theory
1. Rights are given the highest priority
2. Upper management had the right to know that the system was not performing as expected
3. CEO has the right to make decision and solve any problems
4. Shareholders have a right to profit and get a return
5. Employees have the right to tell about the problems with systems
D. Justice Theory
1. Based on treating people fair
2. Mary isn’t treating people fair because she is being dishonest with them on the problems
3. All the shareholders need to be considered and told
4. Employees not treated fair because of problems with systems

Conclusion and Recommendations
The first thing that I would recommend is a policy that employees are able to speak to their management. I think that this would help them feel comfortable about speaking on things they do not feel are right. This would also help with the communication throughout the company as well. Joe should be able to be honest with upper management and not feel threatened by Mary. If Joe does not say anything, he is putting himself at risk of being let go. If the CEO, has integrity then he will appreciate the information that Joe brings him and they can find a way to fix the problem together.
Mary also needs to be fired or have some serious punishments. Mary isn’t thinking about everyone involved when she is covering up the system problems. The system problem could be affecting many areas of the organization like the production. It also has an affect on sales and revenues. If Mary is able to be dishonest about this, then she could also not be telling the truth when it comes to financial matters. With the Sarbanes Oxley Act, if Mary is being dishonest about financials then the company could be in a lot of legal trouble also. I think that Mary needs to be gone.

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