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Cost And Equity In Higher Education

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Cost and EQuity in access paper


Gada Korayim

EDU 628 - Professor Tatiana Melguizo

Due Date: March 8, 2015

The diversity of colleges in the higher education landscape stems from the diversity of missions. For one, the obstacles to innovation in higher education in the USA has been a debate for years. There are colleges that focus on liberal arts education as Dr. Liz Coleman (TED Talks) lectured during her speech about “Reinventing the Liberal Arts Education”. There are colleges that focus on career development. According to Fortino (2015), the university mission is “to create more prepared minds” to ...view middle of the document...

Broadening one’s knowledge in humanities is surely a positive aspect, especially when we live in an environment that polls high unemployment. Competition is fierce and being prepared with the mind to meet the challenges that are faced are the keys to success or failure.
According to the International Labor Office (2010), G20 countries are still competing with other global nations that see the importance of skill and mind sets and their importance. As Coleman (TED talks) stated, resources plus creativity is what is needed from our students. For example, the former Soviet Union reverted to liberal arts education to rebuild their educational system after the fall of communism (Coleman).
All in all, America needs to remain competitive by preparing students with the mind sets, entrepreneurial skills, and innovative ideas to develop new businesses, ideas, and improve the world that we live in.
Changes in Accessibility
Changes in accessibility to education has certainly changed over the years. According to Teixeira and Rosa (2008), Teixeria stated that the main challenge in the coming years will be to ensure higher education’s financial sustainability. Although higher education‘s contribution is the future focus, there seems less contribution to this focus today. Teixeira (2008) continued to state the related challenge in the coming decades will be how to balance economic and social relevance, especially in the short-term, with longer and broader purposes of scientific and intellectual development.
In the US, enrollment was stagnant during the 1990s. Then enrollment and participation increased while entry requirements and tuition increased. Government funding also started to dwindle, and loan limits increased. The study showed that participation rates, rate of increase, have escalated from low income families than from high income families (Teixerira & Rosa, 184).
Growth in Saudi Arabia’s economy has to a large extent been driven by developments in the oil sector. The Kingdom continues to rely heavily on oil, yet seems to undermine the need to improve education. Despite the average annual budget of USD 3.7 billion for education over the past four decades and the fact that every dollar’s increase in oil revenue was accompanied by almost nine percent increase in education expenditures. Twenty-two per cent of Saudis have an educational level between primary and secondary (intermediate), 28 per cent possess a secondary education. Those with university degrees account for 16 per cent of the citizen population. Six per cent of Saudis remain illiterate, but most of these belong to the older generations (Oryx, 2013).

According to the Central Department of Statistics and Information (2013), in Saudi Arabia, roughly 500,000 students graduate annually from high school, and roughly 400,000 of these high school graduates subsequently enroll in four-year tertiary school programs. Perhaps 25,000 of the 500,000 enroll in a community...

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