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Cosmologies Views On Creation Essay

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Anna Iwaniw
The Pentateuch
Jacob Rodgers
17 September, 2015
Short Paper #1
When it comes to the biblical story of creation, it can be wondered how it was written and told in such detail when there was no people to observe it. There are quite a few possible answers to this question including it being a story passed down through generations, or perhaps God revealed the story to the writer in some way (Schittjer, 2006). One of the theories of how the creation story could have been written is from adaptations of other cosmologies. In this paper, I will look into some of these cosmologies and compare and contrast the similarities and differences between them and the biblical narrative of ...view middle of the document...

The hymn then goes on the say that Ra spoke and living creatures appeared. In the biblical creation, God speaks to create each element and also says, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds (Schnittjer, 2006).” Words are spoken in both views of creation and the creation of animals and creatures are very similar in both viewpoints. The Egyptian cosmology is vastly different from the biblical standpoint of creation because of the lack of specific detail and the amount of gods that were a part of it. However, even though it could be considered one of the most opposing cosmologies, there are still similarities present in its view of creation.
Perhaps one of the most similar comparison to the biblical story of creation would be in the Enuma Elish, which is the Mesopotamian creation story. It is most similar because the creation account happens in a similar order as the creation story in Genesis such as creating the earth and the sky, separating water, and the creation of humans. The things that are created in the Enuma Elish are really the only main similarities and there are quite a lot of differences within in compared to the Bible. The Mesopotamians, much like the Egyptians, were polytheistic and believed in multiple deities. Unlike the Egyptians, less of the Mesopotamian gods had a hand in their view of the creation. The gods Apsu, and Mummu-Tiamat had a hand in the creation and separating of earth and water. After that the god Marduk, who was the principle god of Babylon and son of Tiamat, created the sky as well men. The large difference of the process of the Mesopotamians and the biblical standpoint is that the Mesopotamians attain creation through chaos and violence. The god Marduk, crushed his mother’s skull and divided her in two and used one half to create the sky (Schnittjer, 2006). In contrast, God created the sky or the heavens by simply speaking. The Enuma Elish features violence in its version of creation while the biblical narrative of creation is much more peaceful.
There are plenty more cosmologies and views on creation...

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