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Cosmic Paper

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Cosmic Creation Myths Across
Taliah Daniels
December 19, 2012

Cosmic Creation Myths Across
Regarding Creation
Although there are a great number of creation myths that are propagated by people of Chinese descent, virtually all of them acknowledge Pan Gu. Those that due generally state that Pan Gu was the first being and that all existence in the universe—especially the earth and the heavens—is comprised of this being. The general story of Pan Gu begins with his conception inside of an egg. In that egg is the yin and the yang, the notion of duality which brings an eternal harmony and balance to life. The egg is a cosmic egg, one of the very first things ...view middle of the document...

The egg hatches Pan Gu, and then forms the sky and the earth. As Pan Gu grows between them, these places mature. With the death of Pan Gu, all that exists in the universe is formed.
There are a number of distinct similarities between this creation myth and that of Hinduism. In this latter religion, the god Brahma, who is actually the senior most god out of a trinity of divine beings known as Trimurti, is the creator and the destroyer of the earth. The fact that he is male is in accordance to the Chinese myth of Pan Gu, who was also male. Therefore, both of these religions adhere to one of the most frequently found motifs in religion, the notion of a universal father who functions as a creator.
What is also significant about this particular parallel between Hindu and Chinese creation myths is the fact that Brahma also creates the earth from an egg. The egg, of course, is a fairly universal symbol of fertility and vitality, so it is not surprising that these religions both rely on it as a symbol for the creation of the earth. In fact, both China and India (which is where Hindu religion was initially practiced), are both similar in the fact that they are locations in which Buddhism emerged, which is another point of commonalities between these countries.
One of the differences between the creation myths of Hindu and Chinese people is the nature of the egg that begat the world. Whereas in Chinese creation myths this egg was itself a universal representation of the laws of harmony and everything that exists in the earth and birthed the progenitor of mankind, Pan Gu, in Hindu creation stories the egg is actually created by Brahma. Brahma is thought to have created a golden egg, by forming the substance of water and then creating a seed that eventually fertilized into the egg.

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