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Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Cosmetic surgery on teenagers

1. Give an outline of the various views on plastic surgery for teenagers which are presented in texts 1 and 2.
In the two texts the views on plastic surgery are quite similar. Both texts agree on the fact that American teenagers might feel that a lot of pressure has been put on them, they strive to be beautiful, but their ideal of beautiful is twisted and for a normal teenager almost unattainable. One of the major problems is that some teenagers find something they don’t, for instance they might think their breasts are too small, then instead of waiting for their bodies to be fully grown or just getting used to having a smaller, they tend to breast enhancement. The adolescents doesn’t let their bodies grow to their fullest, but take the less time consuming way of the surgeon’s knife.
2. How does Valerie Ulene engage the reader in the subject in text 1? Illustrate your answers with examples from the text.
Valerie Ulene manages to get a ...view middle of the document...

Besides telling us about her touching story about her big nose, she also uses a lot of experts in her article, who speaks about their experiences with plastic surgery and that is also something which catches the reader’s attention. It caught my attention because I wished to hear what the experts’ opinions were about the certain subject.
“We’ve made a decision about what beauty looks like in this country, and everybody wants to fit the mold…” hearing this from an expert makes the article more interesting and like mentioned before, we all want to know what the experts got to say.
The same thing goes for the studies mentioned in the article. There is a lot of information mentioned from studies and the information works like a trap. The purpose of this trap is to make the reader, read the article in search of more exciting information.
3. Taking your starting point in text 3, discuss whether cosmetic surgery on teenagers should be banned.
According to the Australian government, it is okay for them to decide whether the Australian adolescents in Queensland are old enough to get surgery. That is why they have made it illegal for adolescents under 18 to get under the surgeon’s blade. They think that you should be old enough to understand, what risks surgery implies so therefore you should also be old enough to sign your own surgical consent.
I think that the Australian government is making a very responsible move by illegalizing plastic surgery for people under 18. By forbidding it, they have given the adolescents a chance getting used to their looks or even become happy about it. Also they have given the girls a chance of “filling out“ their upper body by letting their body grow and the guys a chance of working out instead of getting implants in the chest, arms, legs etc. The only downside on this law is that people, who are very unpleasant to look at, are not able to do anything about themselves before they become 18 years old.
I fully support the Australian government in this subject. I do not think that the average teenager needs any unnecessary surgeries and especially not if it is for improving their appearance. I only think that a person under 18 should have surgery if the person is really unpleasant to look at, and if it destroys the person’s quality of life.

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