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Cosmetic Surgeries Should Be Banned (Parliamenatry Style Debate)

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A very good afternoon to the Speaker of the house, the honourable adjudicators, the Opposition team and members of the floor. Today, I stand here as the Deputy Prime Minister to cover on the misuse and negative effects of cosmetic surgery as to why it should be abolished.

Now, cosmetic surgeries are often exploited and misused by people to improve their physical appearances that are imperfect in order to standout from one another. This is pointless, beauty comes from within. Not only that, the very existence of cosmetic surgery has made the change of sex possible. This is VERY WRONG as it going against God’s nature and just say its not the way nature works. It also ruins humanity as many people are against this and these people are rarely accepted in the society.

A good example would be a recent case about a pregnant man, Thomas Beatie. This would be the result of cosmetic surgery of changing sex from the outer appearances. It is not just ...view middle of the document...

Now, you have to operate your jaw too. Then you may find that your lips are too thick for this jaw line so you operate that too. In the end, you operate your whole face and end up looking like someone else and from the outer appearance you no longer resemble yourself!

Furthermore, there are risks such as blindness, blood clots and serious lung problems. Although they are rare, it may happen and why take such chances in life. Instead of beautifying yourself, you may just add another physical disability or health complication. There have also been cases where cosmetic surgery has caused cancer especially from breast implants. Are you willing to risk these consequences in the name of beauty?

There have also been many unsuccessful cases of cosmetic surgery especially in the Intersex surgery which is a term referring to surgery performed to correct birth defects. The recent history of intersex surgery has been characterized by controversy after publicized reports that surgery failed to achieve the desired outcomes in many cases. Would you put an innocent baby in this possibly fatal surgery?

Even if those risks do not occur, there is a major chance in getting an infection which is the most common consequence of surgery. On developing an infection, there are cases where the wound swells up and people wake up to find a pool of blood around them with their stitches ripped out. Furthermore, these unfortunate people have no choice but to undergo surgery again and fork out another huge sum of money for it.

Besides that, undergoing cosmetic surgery would also mean putting gel into your body. This would be a foreign substance to the body and may cause any kinds of allergy or reaction to the body.

With that, I STRONGLY believe that cosmetic surgery should be banned as it brings more harm than benefit.

Rebuttal points:

Saying that they will not be accepted: They will learn to be independent and also learn to be strong and slowly make friends.

Correcting deformities: You can now realise who are your true friends and that they like you the way you are. Besides, since cosmetic surgery can be fatal in some cases – would you rather stay that way or risk dying just to correct an imperfection?

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