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Corruption In Government Essay

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Corruption in Leadership: Public Service and Government Cynthia Klecha

Corruption throughout the world is extensive. Corruption is defined as the twisting of integrity. A corrupt individual is an opponent of the truth; their virtues and ethics are deficient. In the United States, people in all positions of private district, public assistance, and government bureaus have been entangled in varieties of corruption. Corruption crimes include bribes, insider trading, patronage, embezzlement, electoral fraud, kickbacks, unholy alliances, conflicts of interest and several others. Corruption is a weapon ...view middle of the document...

This corruption affects the trust of the public and threatens the safety of the nation. Each act of corruption from a public servant can have extenuating results reaching far beyond those initially involved in the offense. Most officials who serve the public strive to enhance the lives of Americans, but several make choices to go against the law because of unethical motives. These reasons usually include assembling a larger bank account for themselves or their families. Public officials involved in corruption offenses have come from employees who work at city hall, police departments, schools, courts, transportation, zoning or health departments, and governmental offices. Politicians in all sectors of politics are not immune to public corruption either.
The FBI, in 2005 made public corruption number four on their top ten orders of investigative priorities. The FBI began a national program around the country, putting trained agents in strategic positions to detect public corruption. They use skills in surveillance in both the cyber world and undercover operations. The FBI officials often team with governments in each state to identify fraud and also work together to prevent different types of corruption. Dan O'Brien, Chief of the Public Corruption and Government Fraud program at FBI Headquarters stated, “In 2004, we opened over 900 cases, which led to over 650 convictions or guilty pleas. We're also proactive. We've got analysts specifically trained to uncover corruption, and our agents always have an eye out for new and evolving angles” (O'Brien, 2005). Leaders representing the country continue to abuse their power for both political agendas and private gain.
Politicians have used governmentally corrupt resources to accrue wealth and to retain their authority in office. Political corruption often combines both power and gain for the corrupt official. Political dishonesty and fraud has reared its ugly face in the form of politicians themselves and also with those involved in the campaign of that official. Corruption in this political realm does not discriminate between people in high positions in office or a lower status employee’s involvement. Politicians and governmental officials who use and mishandle their grasp on control by pocketing a bribe or receiving something of use to them from a private division or businessman in return for something else is political corruption. Some officials extract public funds and have used it for those same purposes—power and wealth. This is found in the form of playing favoritism and patronizing in the political world. Governmental officials over the many decades have contributed their share of corruption throughout the country.
The government of the United States of America is vulnerable to the effects of authoritative lawmaking officials. Public servants have a duty to watch over their interests with integrity and loyalty to the citizens of this country. When an official goes against...

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