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Correlation Of Entrance Test And Scholastic Performance (Gpa) Of Grade 7 Students

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Entrance to Grade 7 is determined by examination. This is to identify students’ readiness in high school education. The result of the test is formative factor whether the student is accepted or not from which student seeks admission. Schools may decide to use standardized test which may be purchased from testing companies or they can use validated teacher-made test. The NSDAPS uses teacher-made test for grade 7 student applicants who are from public schools nearby. It is composed of English, Mathematics and Science Test.
According to Hakkinen (2004) admission rules should be designed to help in achieving education policy goals and they should be comprehensible, stable, fair, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, students’ performance throughout their high school education has a great bearing in their educational success.
Conceptual Framework

Figure1. The Entrance Test Results in English, Science and Mathematics of Grade 7 Students as Influenced by their Scholastic Performance.

This figure shows that the entrance test results may be influenced by the scholastic performance of the students. The entrance test comprises of the three major subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. It is given to the grade 7 students from public schools to measure their academic ability. The Scholastic performance (GPA) of the students validated the entrance test results.
Problem Identification
The study investigated the relationship of the entrance test and scholastic performance (GPA). Specifically, this study sought answers to the following questions: (1) What is the profile of the students in terms of gender? (2) What is the entrance test results and scholastic performance (GPA) of grade 7 students? (3) What is the relationship of entrance test results and academic perfromance of grade 7 students? (4) What recommendations may be proposed based on the findings?
Based on the foregoing problems this null hypothesis was proposed:
There is no significant relationship between the students’ performance in entrance test result and their scholastic performance (GPA).
Significance of the Study
This study is significant to the following people involved in the educational processes:
School Administration/ Head – The results of this study will guide the school administration in planning of admission strategies and programs instruction.
Teachers –This will help the teachers update their knowledge and skills in implementing better instructional strategies.
Counselors/ Life Coach - The study will be useful in identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses to develop better programs.
Admission Committee – The result of this study may guide the admission committee in identifying whether the entrance test is accurate predictor of scholastic performance of students. It may help them in development of future admission plans.
Students – The result of the study will serve as meaningful tool for the students to recognize their strengths and weaknesses.
Participants of the Study
The participants of the study were the grade 7 students who took the entrance tests and admitted in Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu Parochial School for the SY 2014 -2015. Specifically, the participants were composed of Twenty-seven (27) male and fifty-seven (57) female. The following table is the distribution of the participants.
What is the profile of the students in terms of gender?

Table 1. Distribution of the Participants According to their Gender

Gender No. of Students
n = 84 %
Female 27
57 32


The table 1 shows the profile of the participants. There were 32 % male and 68% female students took the entrance test....

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