Corrections Paper

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Corrections Paper
Reshard Durdley
December 20, 2010

Corrections Rehabilitation
Most would think that a modification to one’s life is available for everyone. This includes people in prison, they can also modify their behavior and be great citizens in this country. Doing this, however, is much easier said than done, sacrifice from those needing change and some help from the original charging agency can go a long way. This generally lead to rehabilitation programs that we know of today.
There are tons of rehabilitation programs around the country or even the world that are available for use. Most of these rehabilitation programs are ...view middle of the document...

There are religious rehabilitation programs that are quite popular these days. These programs change prisoner’s way of thinking through religious beliefs. The beliefs are channeled based on the religious acceptance of that particular country. In most cases, the religious teachings are Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity, Islamic to try to cater to the variety of different prisoner’s beliefs. People for religious rehabilitation programs believe that the prisoners' souls can be reformulated after their dark past of criminal activity. Channeling through having a positive vision in their own lives, the prisoners should have faith for a better life, which is typically why they cherish the opportunity that is given to them. Some of them even become religious believers themselves. Despite what some people may believe or heard, incarcerated rehabilitation programs were not actually made to reduce the crime rate, but to target to reduce offences that happen again. These programs obviously can work since they have been effected the percentage of offences happening again has dropped. For example, in the United Kingdom, , offense that happen again for adults dropped to 13% while the juvenile offenses that happened again decreased to 1.5%.This type of success will continue, hopefully. There have been similar results in other parts of the world as well.
However, not every prison rehabilitation programs work. There are some countries that chose to abuse the money given for the programs. There were also simply rehabilitation programs  that just did not work in the United States during the early 1970s. The United States nearly just simply gave up at that particular time. It is important that lawmakers and administrators are behind these programs 100% for them to work effectively. Diligent planning and immense studies and preparation for people who will work for these programs are certainly needed. Most importantly, the genuine interest to assist offenders needs to be there. Without this, you will not get any type of positive results.
Some people just believe that it is true that prisoners can choose to modify their behavior by themselves. But assisting them seems to be a lot better. The problem with them doing it on their own is they just simply do not know where to start. By allowing them the use of prison rehabilitation programs, they will be joyed with a brighter future that is there for them.
But let’s not forget or undermine what incarcerated individuals need a lot of adjustment in their mentality in this society. A tremendous amount of inmates simply have to little of behavior control or too much, come from unstable homes, with low self-esteem being a part of the equation. Insecurities usually arise and are at war with their own personal beings and hate society for something they typically done themselves. A lot of incarcerated individuals did not learn to access American values or understand what most Americans would consider normal every day. It...

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