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Corrections Essay

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I think that I prefer Montesquieu’s position on corrections and punishment. I think this because punishment should be done in moderation. It should not be done to one extreme or the other. If the punishment is too harsh, then it would be bad for that person. If it’s not harsh enough, then it would be bad for society. If the punishment is not consistent, then there’s no uniformity or transparency. I don’t believe the punishment should be done too public, as it was back in the day. Sure, it’s shaming and the person sometimes deserves it, however it’s not civil. Not everyone wants to see that kind of behavior. I also don’t think the punishment should fit to everyone’s happiness, because then ...view middle of the document...

Without consistency, then it creates issues, just like we have in our current judicial system. I think there are similarities where it relates to the moderation of the punishment under Montesquieu’s philosophy that takes into account people’s unwillingness to commit a crime, or in the event of accidental mishap; for example, if person a pulls a gun on person b, person a gets their hand on the gun, there’s a struggle, the gun goes off, and it hits person b and kills them, then person a isn’t usually charged, as they did not intend to commit the crime. I think in Montesquieu’s time, there wouldn’t be so much leniency, especially if person b was someone of importance to the person calling the shots.
I think our current correctional system is flawed greatly. I think the current correctional system allows for way too much overcrowding, doesn’t do enough to get some of the nonviolent offenders out of prison and into a rehabilitation program to learn from their mistakes, and treats repeat non-violent offenders too harshly. Re: the man who got arrested for stealing $153 worth of video tapes getting more than 50 years in prison in California. I think I would look to create a boundary of violent offenders and non-violent offenders, attempting to find the people that are least likely to reoffend, and get them rehabilitated. This would be done by looking at young, first offenders...

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