Corporate Social Responsibility And Ethics Essay

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Corporate social responsibility and Ethics

Corporate social responsibility​

Sandvik Coromant tries to the best of its ability to be responsible and work in accordance with the way it act, e.g. with sustainability both on a global and local level. It work according to the Sandvik code of conduct. This includes social, employee, equal opportunities, health and safe, management system and sponsoring.

Social responsibility

Being a global company increases the importance of social responsibility, since there are great public concerns about the impact of these companies' activities on home and host countries. For Sandvik, the most important aspect is the responsibility it assume for ...view middle of the document...

During the 1960s, Sandvik also established units in Asia, Africa and Australia. By 1967, Sandvik was established in 35 different countries.
Sandvik's workforce provides a variety of different skills, including expertise in Production, Marketing and Sales, Engineering, R&D, Human Resources, IT, Finance and other areas. This broad range of professional skills is one of its success factors.

Equal opportunities

Sandvik states in its Equal Opportunities Policy that all qualified individuals shall be given the same employment opportunities, without distinction or discrimination based on age, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability or other characteristics covered by protection in law.

Diversity and equal opportunity are two important challenges for Sandvik. Today, only 17% of its employees are women. Among managers, 14% are women, among office staff 28% are women and in production 10% are women.

One step toward changing this situation is a new policy stating that there must be at least one female applicant for each new recruitment of a manager.

Health and safety


Environment, health and safety policy:
• Environment, health and safety issues are integral parts of Sandvik's total operations and the company achieves continual improvement in these areas through management by objectives. Sandvik believes that the greatest effect is achieved through preventive actions.
• The company follows an approach that results in long-term sustainable development in its operations. Consequently, Sandvik strives for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources, promote systems for recycling and recovery of materials and work to prevent pollution and any work-related illness and injury.
• Sandvik strives to provide a healthy and safe work environment that stimulates employees to perform effectively, to assume responsibility and to continue to develop towards their personal and professional goals.
• Sandvik complies with or exceeds applicable environmental, health and safety, legal and other requirements. The company believes that common and effective environment, health and safety requirements and standards should be established at an international level.
Although the health and safety regulations vary from country to country, Sandvik strive to standardize the internal requirements and procedures to uphold at least a basic Sandvik standard at all units. Each manager...

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