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Are corporations that participate in voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility practices seen as unethical through exploiting CSR initiatives for a profit?

In today’s society, corporations that perform better in their respective markets are able to collect assets that are needed to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility practices. Through these voluntary practices corporations are able to improve their social, environmental, and human rights accounts. This essay will begin with an insight of what Corporate Social Responsibility is; furthermore it will elaborate on how corporations that participate in the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility are seen as unethical because it ...view middle of the document...

Now multinational corporations are able to operate globally under some type of jurisdiction. Civil societies have a significant impact on firms. They are able to implement civil regulations, which are able to influence companies into making decisions through the state, markets, or directly through individuals.

Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility programs are effective in what they attempt to get done, they outline goals and initiatives that are standard by addressing concerns related to the environment and human rights. As corporations participate in long-term Corporate Social Responsibility programs, firms are guaranteed to reduce their carbon foot print size, reduce the amount of resources they are using to obtain natural resources, all while they are able to maximize their profits through much more efficient and reliable products. It would be irrational for corporations to opt out and not participate in Corporate Social Responsibility programs that are successful in reducing their spending and at the same time impacting the society in a positive way. Their participation in these voluntary programs helps gain the trust of social societies as they are maximizing they are able to increase their profits.

The idea of companies participating in CSR practices and being able to do good, while making profits is flawed. Companies are able to make claims, which state that they are not just for profit businesses anymore; they claim that because they participate in the CSR initiatives they are also there to serve a social purpose. Corporations are able to broadcast the social services they participate in, to back the idea that they are there to simply do good for society. Although the services that they are promoting are supported by society, they are still able to create an illusion of their actual intentions. (Karnani, 2010, pg. 1) When corporations have their private profits aligned with their public interests, CSR can be irrelevant. Corporations that are doing anything to increase profits are going to increase their social welfare.

Rightwing critics of Corporate Social Responsibility believe that CSR neglects profit seeking. In the article “Misguided Corporate Virtue: And The Case Against CSR, And the True Role of Business Today,” by David Henderson, he outlines his argument. Henderson argues that CSR is harmful on two separate degrees. First being individual enterprise, and the second being in relation to our economy as a whole. Henderson argues that within enterprise CSR brings much more costly prices, and a weakened performances (Henderson, 2009, pg. 13). He argues that with the adoption of various new methods of auditing, marketing, accounting, etc. companies will be adding costs to their expenses, and as a result will be losing wealth. Henderson believes that stakeholders should make alterations to corporate policies, and adjust their codes of conduct accordingly. He argues that companies that are seen as ‘socially responsible’...

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