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Corporate Leadership Essay

2834 words - 12 pages

Managerial Ethics: First Take-home Exam:
Individual Project
June 16, 2013
Instructor: Fr. Ozzie Mascarenhas SJ

Sampad Biswas
GMP Section A
Submission – 8/07/2013

1. Are you a leader, born or cultivated or both? How do you characterize your leadership traits based on the leadership profiles presented by Narayana Murthy and Rahul Khosla?

In-born Leadership Traits | Leadership Style, Inspirational Style, Imagination, Self Invention, Self- Organization Style, Convincing power, Moral Commitments | I think the my leadership quality is generated from my inherent characters and the from the learning cultivated ...view middle of the document...


2. Mindful leaders, says Rahul Khosla (ibid), learn constantly and the richness and diversity of their experience enhances their effectiveness progressively. How will you structure and embellish your leadership traits with experience and exposure of the past?

Leadership Quality | Cultivated through Experience | Cultivated through Past Exposure |
Honesty | Imparted through Teachings by Parents, Teachers and proper guidance by Superiors | Realized the importance and weightage of this trait by facing situations of ethical dilemma both in personal and professional lives |
Communication | Learnt attributes of responsible behaviour while communicating with others during study life; Learnt the technical features of communication through soft skill development studies. | Practiced effective way of communication in order to relate my views with my office peers and superiors; Self- Learning through Training and feedback from team members and creating a productive work environment depending upon good communication skill. |
Commitment | This is the thing which has driven me in pursuing higher education by dedicating myself completely; Factored by setting up Aims and working towards achieving these goals; Have taken so many leadership roles in professional life to convince the superiors and peers to achieve the unified goal. | Self Learned by leading other peers through examples in various team work situations; Delivered quality responsible work with peak amount of hard-work and the proper focus. |
Confidence | Undertaken challenging tasks and delivered quality output in time; Maintained Calmness and Collected thought processing under unfavourable circumstances. | As a Leader of planning team, have worked towards quality result with optimistic view and keeping up Team Morale; During tough situations, assured team members that only who work they fail and the important thing is to learning from mistake and to focus on the larger goal |
Ability to Delegate | Held various leadership roles and Captained teams thereby indulging in situations of team work where collective efforts were utmost important; Imparted Mutual Trust within Team to inculcate intrinsic strength | Under team settings, have understood strengths of team members and capitalized on them; Work can be handled more efficiently by delegating on strengths, thereby reducing the efforts behind it. |
Intuition | At unknown situation guided the team through guts and calculated risk based on past experiences; Reached out to various superiors or SBU heads to get their input. | Inculcated the ability to Trust myself during tough situations; Developed good reflex based decision making through past exposure |
Ability to Inspire | Through Education and past experiences, have learnt different facets of inspiring team members; Honed ability for people accountability and democratic methodology of...

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