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Corporate Law Essay

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Corporate Law


Q.1 Answer the following questions: (Any five) (40 Marks)

1. 'Corporate planning may be viewed as an organizational process that results in the development of the organization’s purposes, missions, objectives, goals, strategies, policies and detailed action plans to achieve the objectives.' Explain the statement. What benefits would ensure to an organization using corporate planning?

2. What would be your role and functions if you were the CEO ...view middle of the document...

Briefly explain 'Product Life Cycle Approach'.

7. What are the usual motives for mergers and acquisitions? What factor would make mergers and acquisitions successful? Give relevant examples.

Answer the following: (Any four) (20 Marks)

1. 'Strategy includes the determination and evaluation of alternative paths to an already established mission or objective and eventually, choice of the alternatives to be adopted.' Explain the statement underlining the process of strategy formulation.

2. Technological factors represent major opportunities and threats, which must be taken into account while formulating strategies. Discuss. How can a firm build a sustainable technology based competitive advantage?

3. "The low-cost leadership strategy at times enables the firm to defend itself against each of five competitive forces." Explain.

4. Briefly explain the factors which contribute towards the success of a strategic alliance. Illustrate with a recent example of strategic alliance.

5. Explain any three methods/techniques used in strategic control systems, giving examples.


6. Read the case, analyze it and answer the questions that follow : (40)

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