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Corporate Contributions To Political Campaigns Essay

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Jed Pickett
Corporate Contributions to Political Campaigns
Craig Allen
SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility
January 7, 2013

The recent election has got the blood boiling of many voters. Corporate contributions have become a major problem in the United States and affected and have affected many elections. I would like to discuss how money and greed can affect the decision of any candidate and cause them to betray their own personal beliefs and cause the betrayal to the people that they represent. I will also look at the issue using classical ethical and contemporary ethical theories, as well as looking at the issue through the view of utilitarianism. Any ...view middle of the document...

For example, we have a company that provides the medication or the equipment for abortion clinics to be able to provide the service that they perform, one candidate feels very strongly about abortions and is strongly against it, the company could go to the opposing candidate and say for small nominal donation towards your campaign will you campaign pro-abortion. If they candidate is running low on the funds that he or she needs to be able to run their campaign they could accept and just throw their beliefs and feelings about the subject out the door just because the company gave them money to support their run for office. A corporation would see this as an investment if that candidate wins because then they know they would not do away with abortion for the time they are in office and the company can continue to turn a profit selling their product. The utilitarianism point of view I believe is the best view point on this subject because with any logical view on the elections anyone can see that the corporation in America provide a lot of the support towards a certain style of politics whether it be conservative or liberal.
The news corporations have to be the biggest political influence of any election. I can imagine that they not only donate substantial amounts of money towards campaigns but they are also given the rights to publish certain stories and tweak the information so it sounds pro towards one candidate but completely trashes the other candidate. A hard task to do would be to keep the media out of an election. The monetary power of a corporation is severely underestimated by most voters and they do not pay attention to what a candidate truly believes instead they focus on what is broadcasted by the media corporations and what they are told to say by the corporations that contribute to the campaigns.
We should also be looking at the reasoning behind why corporations give so much money and support to certain candidates and the bigger reasoning would be to look at what the corporations gain from the candidate or even the political party being elected or having the majority in either the Senate or in Congress. I believe that be looking at the reason that a corporation contributes to a political campaign we can then clearly see the consequence that the contribution could have on the government. The biggest reason that comes to my head is they have an idea that they want pushed to the American people or the candidate strongly supports the type of services that they provide and will insure that their business will not fail and if they come to the point of bankruptcy they will be bailed out by the federal government. From any point of view that you look at this subject money seems to be at the very center. I believe it is the main reason any company provides a contribution to campaign. As I stated before they see it as an investment to insure their business will continue on a good path to prosperity. Deontology evaluates whether or not...

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