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Corporate Communication Strategies Essay

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The following study is based on Orange’s corporate communication.
Corporate communication is something which involves various types of management functions which are related to organization’s internal and external communications. Based on the organization, corporate communications involves public relations, advertising, technical communications, training and employee development, marketing communications, management communications, philanthropic activity, crisis and emergency communications etc. In Steyn's word, "Strategic management theory differentiates between enterprises, corporate, business-unit, functional and operational strategy. With reference to these strategy levels, corporate ...view middle of the document...

1.2 Assess how corporate communications link to corporate objectives.
Corporate communication always link to corporate objectives. If there is no proper communication internally that means inside the organisation between the employees then how the organisation will work? Similarly if there is no proper communication between the company and its customers, it’s a failed project. So, corporate communication is a very important factor for any organisation.
As I have discussed earlier Orange was a newcomer in the market in 1994 and there were other existing strong competitors in the market with lot of experience. At the time of its launch, Orange's main corporate objective was to be the first choice in mobile telecommunication sector. So they wanted to create a strong brand. And to achieve its objectives, Orange used a well-defined corporate communication strategy as its main weapon and succeeded.
1.3 Analyse the between corporate communication and corporate branding.
A good brand design always improves the perception of any company in the eyes of customers, employees, investors and suppliers. The brand is company’s personality. Which generally includes, The business name and logo design, Corporate clothing, Corporate stationery etc Which contribute to customer's perception and first impression on any organisation. In this case, the corporate team selected the name 'Orange' after a lot of research which represents their ideas with its connotations of hope, fun and freedom. Later on the company did an extensive market which indicated that people found the name Orange unique, friendly, extrovert, modern and powerful. The company also registered name Orange and the term wire-free as trademark. And finally Orange succeeded in establishing a strong brand in the market. The company succeeded because of a well-defined corporate communication plan and a good team of executives who executed it.
2.1 Plan an internal corporate communications audit.
Internal communications is the purpose which is liable for good and successful communication between peoples within an organization. “Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.”( IA's definition of audit.IA's definition of audit.)
Internal communication has a major effect on Orange's business. At the beginning itself, Orange felt that it is very important to do an internal audit to find out the problems or advantages within the organisation because they were getting in to a competitive market with lot of problems. So, they needed the best team of employees to get their organisational objectives. While planning an internal corporate communication audit, Orange use a list of factors required to observe, find areas of...

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