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Corporate Communication Essay

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Corporate Communication – Tesco
A recommendation to promote a product in an advertisement which is usually done by a respected known celebrity
A recommendation to promote a product in an advertisement which is usually done by a respected known celebrity
Corporate communication is the set of activities involved in managing and composing all internal and external communications aimed at creating attracting stakeholders on which the company depends on. There are different types of corporate communication that a business can use to get their message out to the audience;
The act of sponsoring, which can be officially such as sponsoring a company e.g. a ...view middle of the document...

Example of Corporate Communication

This is an example of corporate communication which is Livery. Livery is special uniform of a person or vehicle which is worn by an official member or vehicle of the organisation or business which promotes the products/company. Here is an expensive and well known vehicle which the range rover 12 series, it is an aesthetically pleasing vehicle which will catch the eyes of many. This is a good example for Tesco as if they are seen on respectable and eye catching cars their brand is being advertised and seen by many potential customers. The multi-million pound company name of Tesco is being advertised and livered across the vehicle addressing their name as well as advertising the Tesco mobile symbol on the wheels ,which advertised again there mobile network for potential customers. The Tesco mobile department has also been a recent and increasing success to Tesco. The use of the slogan “every little helps” is also an example of corporate communication which adds a greater effect in advertising the company of Tesco as it gives consumers and the people a catchy...

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