■Corporate Brand – For Companies That Only Offer One Benefit To A Customer, They Usually Use A Corporate Brand (Unless They Have An Overall Holding Company)

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Strategic report of International Marketing Strategy

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This paper shows about the international marketing strategy and the way of business. Now day’s business is not limited with the home country and it is expanding to the new places for the business. It is not very easy to enter new country for the business that is why we need to follow some rules. Basically we can enter in international market by ...view middle of the document...

5. The International Marketing Mix……………………………………………….10
6. Foreign market entry strategy………………………………………………….11
7. Conclusion………………………………………………………………………...12
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1. Introduction
International marketing strategy is very important for the extending business in abroad. In this assignment I tried to find out place where we can extent our business internationally. We searching here suitable place, suitable market condition as well as business. Our product is Tea which is very popular in Bangladesh as well as United Kingdom. Here I discussed about many things in details such as Market selection process and analysis, rules and regulation, marketing mix etc. Though it is not very easy to find out proper place, I searched that type of market where we can adapt with the environment after starting the business. UK is a big market in Europe and its success can give us possibilities to extend our business in other European countries.

2. Market Selection process and environmental analysis:
We want export our Finley tea in international market. Basically our product is strong in Bangladesh so it has good possibility in outside country. As a export country my choice is United kingdom. Before exporting the products we need analysis many things to make the business properly. Analysis should be accurate because it result will direct the business in international market.
Some factors to consider include:
Geographical Factors: Geographically our target market is suitable. Europe weather is different than others country’s weather. UK people like the drinks specially tea. Our target primarily in UK, if we get success in UK we have plan to increase others Europe country.
Economic factors: Now day’s business is vitally affected by the economic, legal, social, technological and political factors. These factors collectively form business environment. Business environment is the combination of all external forces, which affect the organisation and operations of business.
Political And legal environmental factors: Political affect in the business tremendously all over the world. Good political factors can help the business and bad one can affect as well negatively.
Demographic Factors
Age and gender: In UK especially older people like to drink the tea and also young people drink the tea. Here is no separation for the gender, male and female both like the tea.
Income and family structure: UK income is averagely is good comparing with other European countries and family structure most are simple. Here people like to stay with single family not join family like India. So packet size will be small and medium.
Occupation: Our target is the family, official people who drink outside regularly. If we success here next we will look to another category customer.
Major competitors: Competitors are one type of enemy, so we have to take decision based on the competitor’s power in the market. Basically...

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