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Corporate Analysis Strategy

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Corporate Analysis Strategy
February 16, 2015
Dr. Erica Robinson

Corporate Analysis Strategy
Corporate strategy is the overall scope and direction of a corporation and the way in which it's various business operations work together to achieve particular goals ("Business Dictionary", 2015). My team and I collectively agreed that each CEO had an overall goal of diversifying their company and increasing profits. The videos were short, but they offered a lot of insight into the struggles each CEO had to face to remain profitable. I will summarize each video and outline the corporate strategy used by the CEOs.
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That decision worked in his favor as sales and earnings increased over the next few years. Unlike the corporation he runs, Mackey McDonald likes to stay behind the scenes while the brands do all the talking. Mr. McDonald's knack for branding is known throughout the industry. I mean...he made you believe you were a cowboy with Wrangler jeans. His decision to focus on lifestyle brands instead of risky high-end fashion is genius. VF Corporation offers products that we use just about every day. With the recent acquisition of Majestic Athletic and Eagle Creek, he's sure to reach his goal to have sixty percent of the business be that of lifestyle brands.
Xerox Corporation
Anne Mulcahy came into the role of CEO under unlikely circumstances. Before she could warm the seat in her new role, Ms. Mulcahy was faced with a few challenges. The SCC began in investigation into the company's accounting practices, which ultimately resulted in a ten million dollar fine. The blows did not stop there. Ms. Mulcahy had to face yet another challenge, but this one involved letting people go, shutting down and selling off divisions of the company. Ms. Mulcahy knew she had to reinvent the brand in order for it to survive. She decided to focus on high-end digital color copiers and consulting services. This gamble ultimately paid off. Along with the acquisition of Global Imaging System, Xerox is moving in the right direction. The company still had a long way to go, but the future is bright.

Southwest Airlines
Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines never aspired to be CEO. He was not interested in the stress and pressures of running a company. If being CEO was not on his to-do list, how did it happen? He took a chance. Gary is what some would consider a people person. He chooses to sit in the...

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